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If ANTIFA and BLM are considered domestic terrorist groups then what is the KKK considered?

  1. As the title states what’s the difference besides the names? If we’re going to condemn one then we should definitely condemn them all correct? By the way I dislike all three.
  2. I must have missed that KKK riot last week where they burned, looted and killed people on the street of America in a dozen major cities.
  3. In what twisted world does this belong in the “general firearms” section?
  4. AGREED! Needs to be moved.
  5. Last I’ve checked it’s been plenty of non firearm related threads in the so called general firearms section.
  6. I must have been mistaken and missed that ANTIFA and BLM burned crosses and participated in lynchings in the past. Either way I guess we both “missed” something.
  7. I'd say, Democrats....
  8. KKK are the out of favor enforcement of the Democrats and have been replaced by Antifa and BLM terrorists

  9. Well, his username fits.
  10. Well they're all Democrat organizations, but I guess I would have to agree with @thewitt.
  11. Well if you scrolled down to the bottom then you would see this is in the political forum, but I digress.
  12. So who is it that's supporting the KKK?
  13. All 7 remaining KKK members in the entire country would be considered a hate group.
  14. A thing of the past......
  15. It wasnt in the "political forum" when you started the thread.
  16. 3 are undercover FBI agents.
  17. It was in the political forum from the start, it was stated by a another user that it wasn’t. However if it wasn’t there’s plenty of non firearm related threads in the general firearms forums like I stated before, but hey I get it.
  18. Who is it that’s supporting ANTIFA and BLM? I’m stating that all 3 are domestic terrorist and all 3 have been brought up this tirade that’s going on if who’ve been watching the media. However only 2 have been called domestic terrorist.
  19. If you want to focus on ancient history I’m sure you can find lots of atrocities. Why don’t we look to the here and now for problems threatening the country?
  20. If your question is serious, which is not likely, then it is because two of those three groups are current severe threats to our republic and to the rule of law.

    The other one is a weekend LARPing group for rural singles nearing retirement. Sometimes they gather around the fire to drink Busch Beer and talk about the old days when they were more than a footnote in an outdated history textbook lying in a trash heap in Nebraska.
  21. What’s happening now in the country will become “ancient history” one day, it won’t exempt that it didn’t happen now will it? It was a simple question that I asked what’s the difference in all three, but I see sensitivity is setting in.
  22. It’s a serious question I can assure you, I don’t have a good sense of humor so I don’t joke around often.
  23. I doubt there’s only 7 remaining but hey I could be wrong.
  24. March 3, 2020. Hmm...
  25. Well, since all three are Democrats, maybe you have a point.
  26. It was serious question, don’t know why everyone got so bent out of shape, it’s a fact that all 3 have and will continue to do dumb s*** to cause division in the country, this “precious” country that we love to hate.
  27. Besides we can't have any uppity white privilege, tain't fair.
  28. The only thing "WE" all do is die, so there isn't any "WE" in this country lessen you define the group you are talking about.
  29. Non existant?
  30. In all seriousness it is so very few they are not even relevant today.

    A few thousand at most is the current estimate, except that most organizations today are not KKK, but hybrid groups that may or may not adopt some features of dress, org structure and ideology.

    Meaning, there is no actual KKK anymore. At best a few ignorant people that attempt to emulate their dress and antics.

    I can hang a sign over my garage that says “Studebaker Co.” but that doesn’t mean I am the real Studebaker car company. I could even wear some coveralls with Studebaker Co. screen printed on them and obtain some of their old personnel policy manuals and begin rebuilding old cars according to their original specs........but I’m still not the real Studebaker Bros. Manufacturing Co.
  31. Is that true? What has the KKK done during this spate of rioting?
  32. The KKK have been called terrorists nearly as long as we've used the word "terrorist" and repeatedly prosecuted and sued as organized crime. I just want to see the communists get the same treatment. Heck, Congress passed a special law just for prosecuting the KKK in 1871. BLM and Antifa aren't even remotely being threatened with the treatment the KKK has already received: https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ku-klux-act-passed-by-congress ("Republicans organized militia units to break up the Klan. In 1871, passage of the Ku Klux Act led to nine South Carolina counties being placed under martial law and thousands of arrests.")

    As far as putting them on a list as designated terrorists, there is no such list, so none of the three will be on it.
  33. Your question was answered numerous times in the thread. The hostility that you detect is due to the fact that it was a silly question of the sort posed by the typical election-year trolls that we get around here from March until the end of October. If you are a logical person, then you know that the KKK is a has-been group that poses little or no threat whatsoever to the republic, whereas the other two groups are grave and imminent threats to the republic.

    The occasional oddball who makes some sort of claim to be a thing and then goes out and makes the news is not a grave concern. Many thousands of people acting simultaneously who are hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of the country and on burning our civilization to the ground in our present time are a grave concern, particularly when they are embraced by one of two major political parties in power and are financially locked in with that same party (see the thread about the connection between the racist BLM group and the DNC).
  34. Maybe the Democrat party should be considered terrorist and possibly every politician. They might not physically terrorize but they assault our rights continuously. I would also wager that all of the funding for BLM and Antifa comes from democrats.
  35. “WE” as in citizens, “WE” as in we enjoy the freedom of this country, “WE” as in if this country try to take our rights “WE” in turn will tell this country to kiss our as. So yes I meant what I said when I said “WE”.
  36. If you do some checking, you'll find that there's a funny little trick that the left and any attention seeking liberals like to use, it's called committing crimes in the guise of a previously evil white organization to stir the pot.
    Is there something in particular that's got you upset with the KKK?
  37. Maybe they should? Absolutely they should, I’m not against that idea.
  38. I could have sworn I said I dislike all 3, which means I get upset with all 3.
  39. As I read through your posts, it's not hard to understand. You seem more like a left-wing BLM/Antifa communist looking to start a fight with people who don't like them, than like a person wanting all terrorists treated like terrorists.

    That you start off by implying that the KKK is somehow getting a break is absolutely ridiculous - "hey, why aren't they treating the group that the government has spent 150 years destroying, to the point where it effectively no longer exists, as bad as they are treating these 2 left-wing groups . . . you know, the ones that government officials are cheering and kneeling before.":upeyes:
  40. The KKK has not been a political force in this country since the late 1960s..they had a brief fling with the American Nazi Party but it really hasn't worked out well.
  41. You weren't very convincing.
  42. However, the only ones doing damage to the US right now are the other two. You're obviously trying to bring the KKK into this. I'm not a member and I personally thing they're a joke but you seem to have your hackles up about them or you're just trying to start something. Which is it?
  43. mmmm lumped in with Antifa/BLM, I would say....

  44. The "Terrorist Party" funded by George Seros. That man should be arrested and charged with SEDITION. Many people have had there lives all f***ed up by that man, like General Flynn for a recent example. So many Dems should be in prison for so many crimes but not even one is in prison. Gotta give the state of Illinois credit they've put a few politicians in prison even a Governor. I think they were Dems, but don't know for sure.
  45. I believe the real KKK died with Robert C. Byrd.
  46. But "WE" aren't all citizens in this country. "WE" all don't enjoy freedom in this country, many are incarcerated. "WE" as in this country must be split into at least two "WE"s the Dems and the Repubs. "WE" that tell this country to kiss our a** must be seperated from the other "WE" that you seem to have lumped in and that would be the "WE" that hates the 2nd Ammendment.
  47. Doh!

    Who is supporting Antifa and BLM? Democrats, the MSM, George Soros....
    While the KKK is certainly a hate group, they have not been overtly violent in decades. Antifa and BLM have been violent right up to today.

    I don't agree with any of them, but I believe they have the same 1A protections as everyone else. Violence is not protected speech.
  48. Yes it’s true, been said on the media, do I watch the media yes, do I watch it everyday no, however when I do watch it I take in what has been said. Did I say anyone of these groups is worst than the other? No I didn’t, and people keep saying the KKK is irrelevant must think the Charlottesville rally didn’t really happen.
  49. Don't feed the troll... obviously this guy is just trolling.

    Welcome to my ignore list.
  50. Yeah, I know. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it was a waste of time.