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if a policeman asks you if your a CCW holder?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by huggytree, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Well, 'ere ya go y'all lemme tell ya a question hear?

    Alright, we was out cooning one night, and wouldn't ya know it, as soon as I gets back on SR 19, 'ere comes a bunch of blue lights filling up my mirror. It were my right side mirror as that's the only one I got left on my pick-up. Well, wouldn't ya know it, its one of dem dere Florida State Trooper fellows! Nice as could be, little handy with the flashlight in the eyes, but we didn't take no offense. I mean not with my dome light being burned out and all.

    Asks us what we were doing? I said we was cooning, but now we going to wal-mart for some more bullets. He says for me to be more careful about stops signs. I says I never shot one, honest sir. He's says no, for me to more careful of obeying stop signs. I asks what stop sign. He says the one right there on the Nfs road I just turned off of and then going north on 19. I says there ain't no stop signs there, I just took that one last week to hang on the wall of my man cave.

    That 'dere Florida State Trooper was real respectful of me and my CCW. He says he didn't blame me for wanting to protect myself while away from home and all. He was nice enough to let my brother take procession, or some word like that, of my CCW pistol before he arrested me for stealing property.

    Yup, LEOs know how to be respectful to CCW'ers for sure.

    My question: I know I should have told him about my CCW, but should I have told him about the stop sign? :dunno: If I hadn't said anything, I wouldn't had missed all those weekend hunting trips by having to go to court and then installing new stop signs on Nfs roads as service to the community.
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    Now that is funny...added it to my Blog!!