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If a move to NY is required...What happens to my pistol?

  1. Hey all. I'm currently an Ohio resident working as an Airline Pilot. With my seniority, if for some reason I'm furloughed, I would most likely have to move back and live in NY where my entire family is. What would I need to do with my Glock 36 that I own? I know I obviously can't bring it into NY without a pistol permit. It seems like the only option is to sell it or have someone I know in Ohio hold it for me until I get after the 6 month long process, a NY pistol permit (it would be for Suffolk county on Long Island). Can I apply for a permit now, as an out of state resident? Is there a way to store the gun in NY until I get a permit? :dunno:
  2. You would first need to obtain a permit, but NY doesn't allow nonresident permits. You would have to first establish residency in NY, then apply which took me about 6 weeks in my county to receive the permit. You could either have someone in Ohio hold it for you, or transfer to a local NY FFL to hold until you could register the pistol. Either way it needs to be transferred to NY via FFL.
  3. We left NYC in '76 due to restrictive gun laws and their City income tax supporting the generations of do nothings. Hope you don't have to move back.

    Colorado has been great!
  4. You send your pistola to bruno

  5. I am in central Ohio if you need a place to store it.
  6. Thanks of the offer and everyone for the advice, I'll keep it all in mind. Hopefully it never has to come to moving back. I'm really enjoying all the 2A freedoms I have in OH, since I became a resident.
  7. "Don't ask, don't tell" ... or was that for something else? I'm confused :p

    NYers - what if he personally delivered it to an FFL there to hang on to until he has the permit? It'd save on the hassles of shipping, etc... and could then pick it up as usual once everything is legit.
  8. That's a very bad idea. Keep them out of the state or transfer them to an ffl to hold, but don't do this.

    OP- which part of Suffolk? I ask because if you'll be in Eastern Suffolk you may actually have a prayer of getting a full carry permit, because Suffolk county splits the permitting. The poor folks in Western Suffolk have a harder time.
  9. Come to CT. You can get your carry permit before you move here, and even if you don't, you can bring your guns and apply after you get here.

  10. There is no hands on delivery of handguns. If you are not a FFDO or a LEO, you cannot legally have the gun in your physical possession / under your physical control when you go feet first in NY.

    Also, there is still a 1994 ban in effect here - so no high caps, and some long guns of a specific configuration are still not allowed.

  11. If you can't take them with you, just rent a small safety deposit box at your local bank there in Ohio and store them.
  12. It depends on what part of NYS you are moving to. I live in Chautauqua County, and here, the permitting process is pretty straight forward. Takes about eleven weeks, and unless you've got some serious issues in your past, an approval is all but guaranteed. However, if you move to Rochester, and live in Monroe County, you need a law enforcement office to recommend you to get a Permit. Oh, and in Erie county, (Buffalo), the law enforcement recommendation isn't needed, but it takes upwards of a year to get your permit.

    Basically, you need to store your firearm with a relative in another state while you are getting your permit, then pay for a FFL to FFL transfer, in order to get the weapon on your permit. Sucks, as Drew said, hope you don't have to move back.

    OR, if you are moving to a border town, you could live in Pennsylvania and be all done, just move, then apply for your permit in PA.

  13. There is no requirement in NYS penal code or administrative code for guns to be shipped from a FFL. The only requirement is that our FFLs must "positively identify" the shipper - which is usually done with faxing/mailing a copy of state issued ID.

    Other than that, you are spot dead nuts on! :cool:

  14. :wow: That is so insane it doesn't even make sense.
  15. CT is about as bad a NY, if not worse in certain aspects. Picked-up some hardware from my cousin in Bridgeport, drove back down to KY. Interstate Commerce laws are nice. But still don't help with possession of a handgun I don't think.
    Left NY in '89, hopefully never to return.
  16. agreed, Born and raised in Western NY. LOVE the area but I will NEVER go back to NY because of their BS gun laws...when I do retire I will get as close as I can to the boarder while staying in PA :) hopefully there will be some way for me to maintain my LEOSA retired credentials and CC ability in PA and NY like I have now but I dont know if that will happen.
  17. he would be good with his 36 though its below the mag restriction(which is 10 BTW)...oh and have fun getting a NYS Permit..its 100% doable but the hoops to jump through and the waiting...I was on a Police Department in NYS back in 1990-92 and it took me 6 months to get my permit and I didnt even need one I just wanted one..I could register everything I wanted under my badge # . STILL took 6 months.
  18. CT is much better than NY. We are pretty much shall-issue, can carry almost anywhere. You can move in with your guns without getting permission first. You can transport into the state with them to use them in a competition. No hi cap restrictions. Etc. Etc.
  19. I probably should have read up on that before I spent 6 months in Albany last year.
  20. NYC Drew, do you mean an FFDO can legally possess (not carry) a non-issued TSA firearm in NY without a NYS pistol permit or just referring to possessing a TSA issued firearm with under direction of the SOP? I know FFDOs do not fall under Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act to legally carry all 50 states.

    It would be in the Bellport area.
  21. Good luck my friend, I hope you don't have to move:angel:
  22. Sell it and buy a bunch of baseball bats.

  23. What I mean is, AT LEAST, if you were a FFDO, you would not be facing an automatic 3 1/2 years in prison for illegal possession of a handgun.

    Instead it would only be up to a year! Gotta think positive, right? :faint:

    There are no exclusions for anyone except

    1. LE (state, fed, local)

    2. Retired LE carrying under HR-218. If you relocate to NY and it is your domicile state, you are required to get a NY permit (as a result NO RETIRED LE who have domiciles in other states, if /when they move back, relinquish their primary domicile in other states).

    3. Criminals
  24. Or a whistle!
  25. My sympathy, and I mean that. I've not lived in NY since '90 and refuse to ever move back there or back to CA.
  26. So you're saying that anyone who relocates into NY State has to have any handguns shipped to an FFL, and can only retrieve those handguns once they possess a NY State Handgun Permit for each weapon?


    This is patently absurd logic and law... :upeyes:

    What else has to be registered up there... kitchen knives, pocket knives over 2", jock straps???

    I guess that job in Syracuse is going to go into the round can.
  27. Thanks. I thinking if furloughed, I might be better off staying and working out here in OH, since all I'd be doing in NY is working also, paying significantly less in rent living at home, but then be stripped of my 2nd amendment rights. I hope I never have to return North Korea, NY.
  28. Damn, if you guys think NY is bad, try coming over to England! I'm have the DT's from the separation with ALL my firearms. I long for NY.....:crying:
  29. You think that's absurd. Check out the requirements to carry concealed in New York's Suffolk County:

    CARRY – Full Carry License, for the purpose of self protection. If you are seeking a SELF PROTECTION class six (6) license, you will be required to show “proper cause” pursuant to Penal Law....You must show that you are exposed to extraordinary personal danger, documented by proof of recurrent threats to life or safety, requiring authorization to carry a firearm.... It should be noted, however, the mere fact that you have been the victim of a crime or reside or are employed in a “high crime area” does not establish “proper cause” -(word for word out of the Suffolk County Pistol license handbook)

    The only thing they forgot to add in the handbook is this: This section does not include: Celebrities, Elites, Politicians, Rich, Famous or Criminals who do not require proof of proper cause as automatic FULL carry privileges are granted to without delay.

    Can you imagine working in Bedford-Stuy ,a high crime area and can't carry a gun as a law-abiding citizen, with a spotless criminal record. My cousin is with the NYPD and was shot at TWICE within the first 2 weeks assigned to that area. The old saying goes, "Only in NY."