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IE Explorer closes windows

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I'm not sure what's causing this or when it really started, but I have Internet Explorer version 6.0. I've noticed that on a daily basis (but not every time), when I click on a link or try to open a new browser window, it closes all of my IE windows except for the one I just opened, and there is a Yahoo toolbar on the window.

I have to manually set IE to not show the Yahoo toolbar each time.

Anyone have any ideas what is causing this to occur?
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Originally posted by Drjones
Tools/Content: Make sure the "Load Images" box is checked, and you probably want "for the originating website only" box to be UNchecked.
Yup, since most folks use photobucket, putfile, or their own website, to host the images to save bandwidth for Eric..

Firefox or Opera are the only real choices in a Browser. MSIE is a mess.

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