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IDPA legal slide release

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i was just reading the online IDPA rulebook and on page 20 it says: "the slide releases and magazine releases that are standard on the Glock 34 and Glock 35 models are available as a factory option on all Glocks available in the USA.Because of this, that type of slide release and magazine release are legal on all Glocks for SSP."

SSP of course is Stock Service Pistol.

i looked up pictures of the glock 34 and 35 in the net just to make sure and true enough, the idpa rulebook was referring to the extended version of both the slide release and mag release.

extended slide release and extended mag release for glocks are IDPA legal.

now my question is : why do i hear that are they not legal for ipsc production division?

or did i hear wrong? pwede ba sa production div ang extended slide and mag release for glocks?

thanks guys.
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...the extended slide release is prone to activation causing slide lock, which you don't want to happen...

...the extended mag release is sharp and uncomfortable for me. it digs into the heel of my palm, which is painful...

my .02 sentimos: don't bother to change the flat slide release and the mag release to the extended ones.
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