IDPA, Bowling Pins, and Bullseye Matches in Leesburg, Fla. (Lake Co.)

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    The Gun Shop IDPA (IDPA club #C-0395) holds a monthly match on the 3rd Sunday of each month, sign-in at 9:00am. Since we hold our matches on an indoor range that is closed to the public during our IDPA matches, we generally set up a "shoothouse" and hold a no-light stage, requiring the use of a flashlight to identify and engage the targets. As most of the actual personal protection scenarios take place after sunset, many of our other stages are held in adverse light conditions, as well. (Bring your Super Ninja Black Tactical Light, or you can borrow our old Mag-lite.) Each match typically consists of four stages; we usually have at least one moving target stage.
    We also shoot the 90 round Classifier match on the 2nd Saturday of each month, sign-in at 5:00pm.

    In addition to our IDPA club, The Gun Shop holds a Bowling Pin Match on the 4th Thursday of each month, sign-in at 7:00pm.
    Since there seems to be no viable national pin shooting organization, we have somewhat amended the "standard" rules, and pin sets. (We call it "home rule"!) IDPA firearms divisions have had an influence on our pin match rules. We have 5 firearm divisions:
    Stock Pistol: any semi-auto that complies with IDPA – SSP, ESP, CDP rules. 10 rd mags.
    Open Pistol: no restrictions. IPSC Open guns, dot sights, lasers, etc.
    Stock Revolver: IDPA SSR, except - up to 8 ½" barrel. 6 rd max.
    Open Revolver: no restrictions.
    Open Rimfire: no restrictions
    Our match consists of 4 tables, various distances from 25 to 50 feet, various pin arrangements, some tables requiring a reload. 25 pins total. The tables are 12" deep, pins set midway, so that commonly used personal protection/IDPA calibers (i.e.: 9mm / .40 / .38 spl) will normally take the pins off the table with a single, solid, center hit. Timing is a standard shot timer; time is from the beep to the last shot that clears the table.
    Competitors have the option of starting from a holster, rather than from "gun on the rail", to allow practice of your drawstroke. Pin shooting is great practice for rapid, accurate shooting, and a lot of fun!!

    The Gun Shop also hold a monthly Bullseye target match, on the 4th Tuesday of each month, sign-in at 6:00pm. We hold a 90 round match, Slow-fire at 25 yards, and Timed and Rapid-fire at 15 yards. We hold a Center-fire and a Rim-fire match; competitors can fire either or both matches.

    Professional level firearms training, from basic CCW to advanced armed personal protection, is available.

    The Gun Shop, Inc & Gun Range is located at 1310 State Road 44, just east of the Leesburg city limits, approx. 10 miles east of the I-75/SR44 exit. Also from the Turnpike, northbound, exit at US 27 and go north about 8 miles to SR 44 and turn left.
    This indoor range facility contains both a (60'wide) 16 stall, 25 yd. pistol range and a (16'wide) 4 stall, 50 yd. rifle range.
    We do not remain in the shooter's booths for the IDPA matches.
    The building was originally constructed as a firing range, fully equipped by Caswell/Detroit Bullet Trap, and is a full-service facility. The owner is a gunsmith, an H&K, Glock, and S&W stocking dealer, and displays a great collection of antique and military weaponry and rare equipment.
    Any safe non-steel core jacketed or lead bullet ammo is acceptable on the range.

    The phone is: 352-787-4570. Please call for match information, as dates and times may change as required.

    For additional information on the range and activities:
    For information on training:

    Lance Biddle IDPA #A-00045 Match Director

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    These pin matches have moved to the 3rd Thursday, no? Anyone here shoot them?