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idiotic listing on ksl classifieds

  1. This morning I saw an ad on ksl.com for a Glock 27 for $600 w/ trijcon night sights. It had in it's description something along these lines.

    "This is a good gun to carry concealed because of shootouts like Trolley Square. Also it is better to buy a gun though a private seller and not a gun store because you don't have to have a background check or register the gun in your name."

    Let's just advertise to some felon or someone to come get this firearm to misuse. Also let's use the terrible event that happened at Trolley Square to try to sell his overpriced firearm for his personal benefit. What an f'ing idiot! It's unfortunate that people like this own firearms.


    By the way it looks like the ad was pulled.
  2. you have to love retards, they can be so entertaining, i wonder if the batf goof troop will look into it?
  3. Hopefully there is some sort of follow-up so this dillrod can learn a lesson. :thumbsup:
  4. I'm going to offer him $700.

    And pay in monopoly money.
  5. I can buy the same thing New in Box at Van Wagenen's for about $550.
    Not to mention Utah doesn't have gun registration.
    How did an idiot like that ever find a job to pay for the gun, or even read the phonebook listing for the shop he went to to purchase it?
  6. 100% agreed. I should've wrote down his phone number. I think he was somewhere around Lehi area.
  7. Agreed. Gives responsible, normal ... well, somewhat normal people like ... some of us a bad reputation.

  8. Dude, I see stupid ads all the time....

    Which one of you is the guy who posts ads telling people you will give them $300 for their Glock in good shape?

    I WILL BUY ANY GLOCK IN DECENT SHAPE FOR $3OO, wouldn't we all??

    I always see ridiculous ads on there...
  9. Tell him you will pay him $1000 but you don't have acar to meet him. Tell him you live in Wendover lol.
  10. :laughabove: :laughabove:

    I should post one on there that says, "I'll take any Glock you don't want, for free, and I'll even come to you."