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identify your pet

  1. Just a idea, but I type out my pet's address, and a few phone numbers, more then you could put on any tag, and just tape this with clear packing tape around the collar. It is pretty durable, and replacable when damaged. I want my pet to have every chance to get home.
  2. Did you have him chipped?

    The only problem with any type of collar ID is that it that the ID, or even the collar it self, can be removed and lost. For example, Fido gets lost and then get's his collar caught on a fence, he struggles and eventually breaks the collar. Probably won't happen, but why take the chance?
  3. Zeus is chipped. On top of that i had two tags made for his collar. One is his Home Again ID# and the other is his name, street address and my cell phone number. Also, his rabies tag has the vets phone number on it incase someone finds him and takes him there.

  4. I doubt that any of my local small towns even have the equipment, they don't even have a kennel for found or injured pets. Yes the tag might get lost, but for safety it should be fairly snug on the neck, and at least anyone seeing the collar has the dogs home address and 3 phone numbers. It is also a good idea to take the dogs picture so you could post posters in case of any loss.
  5. That's a good idea. We had a really nice black lab take up at our house and play with our dogs. I tried locking him out of the yard but he would dig under the fence to get back in. He had a collar on but no kind of ID. We took his picture and made flyers and drove around the area asking strangers if they knew of a lost lab. We eventually found his owner but it took over a week. Sure would have been nice to have a county rabies tag or a phone number or something on his collar.

    Our dogs are chipped and have ID tags.
  6. [​IMG]


    It's clear and easy to read. It's will not get caught on anything and it will not come unclipped nor can the dog slip out of it. We race our dogs and sometimes leave the tags on. We were afraid if tags that hang off the neck as it will get caught on the race box door. This collar can stay on all the time and a regular leash can be used for walking. Our dogs are also Micro chipped. We also work on strong recalls and have a magic world for ultra super return and is only used in emergency and training.

    The tag has

    Dogs Name
    Doctors Phone (the doctor has the chip reader and they know my dogs)
    My Phone
    My Address
  7. ^ where did you get the tag/collar?
  8. The tags were ordered from www.boomerangtags.com. My wife had the tags shipped directly to a collar maker who sewed the collar around the tag. Boomerang also makes ones that wrap around the collar and don't have to be sewn in.

    Melody at Fashionsbygigi.com makes the clipless collars and will sew the Boomerang tag into the collar for you. http://www.fashionsbygigi.com/CliplessTagCollars.html
  9. This is why none of our kitties are chipped. I do have them tagged with name/info and rabies tags. Each info tag has their name, four phone numbers and the vet's name (last line wasn't long enough for his number but his number is on the rabies tag so it is still on them). (I have tracked an owner down with nothing but the rabies tag before so the name/info tag is just for my peace of mind.) Hopefully they will never need the tags because they are never allowed out but just in case...
  10. I guess I'll get my girls chipped eventually. "They are Borg!"
  11. I recommend as many back ups as you can. The chip is really only good if the person who finds the dog tries to find the owner. If the dog warden finds the dog then they are suppose to scan if there are no tags. Check to see if your town has a scanner. If not bring it up to the next town meeting. Really all dogs that are brought in to a vets office should be scanned. If your vet does not have a scanner recommend that they buy one. Some states require vets to scan new dog patients. If you live in a state were dogs need to be scanned then it's necessary to get your dog chipped. The scanner is useless in Canada they use a different system and don't recognized ours. Crappy part is we will not get a second chip to show our dog in Canada.

    The first number on the tag is a 24 hour emergency number to my vet. I would notify my vet ASAP when the dog goes missing and as soon as some calls they would be told to bring the dog directly to the emergency office. If your dog needs and medical attention or medication it will be done ASAP. They will notify them of any allergies and other special items. Check to see if your vet has a emergency number and hotline for lost animals that are found. If not see about getting one set up.

    The tags above are clip less, easy to read, don't dangle and will not slip off. It's snug to there neck so it will not get caught on anything. The other great part we noticed is the are not under the dogs neck. A person can walk up to the dog can read from the side or on top. I have found a few lost dogs and trying to read the collar was tough. The last thing a person needs to do is get under a dogs neck that is scared. The neck is the most vulnerable part of a dog. This is were one dog grabs another and holds it down for submission.

    On the back of the id tag you can prints a few more lines. This dog is chip, Rabies Number, allergies, medications, ect.........

    A few of our friends have there dogs tattooed under there belly next to there back leg. If this is not done right it turns into a mess and almost unreadable. If it’s done right it will stay for life. We have friends that got there dog tattooed 10 years ago and it’s legible. We have not done this and ever sense we found these tags we have decided not to do it.
  12. Wow, those are really neat tags compassman. Thanks for posting them up.
  13. thanks for the links!
  14. It's my wife that should get the credit. We have a racing friends that found the metal tags, But my wife did not like the buckled collar or D-ring. We were still afraid of the buckle or D-ring getting caught on the race box door. My wife came up with a idea for a adjustable, clippless collar with the metal ID tag. There by with nothing hanging we felt safe putting them in the race box with ID collars on. By sewing off the ends of the collar there is no way for the metal ID tag to ever come off during a day of racing. She explained to her friend that ownes the site above what she wanted. She is now offering them on her website.

    This is the collar we use to bring the dog up to the race box. It's a quick release slip-collar for racing and training only. It has no ID tags or D-ring. I hold the dog with one hand undo the quick detach and put the dog in the box. There is no stress for the dog with me trying to yank a collar over the head and over the race muzzle. It's even worse when there are dog tags attached.
  15. We had to come up with ways to protect our dogs from getting lost during racing. Straight, oval and coursing is extreme sports for dogs and there are many opportunities for the dog to loose the intended lure and follow something else of more interest and get lost. Our dogs have a extremely high pray drive and will focus on something and will not stop until they get it. We do not let anybody handle our dogs except for fellow racers. People think it's just a little ten pound skinny dog. Lido is 10.5 pounds and in his first pull he was able to do 175 pounds. We have a friend with a IG (Italian Greyhound) that is a champion weight puller and has pulled 350 pounds with the dog weighing under 15 pounds. They can reach maximum speed within a few yards. They can run up 30 MPH if trained. This is why we work on returns every day. We have to find something they want more then what they are chasing. Our equipment gets pushed to the limits with these guys and everything has to be tough. If they get loose there is a extremely high risk of loosing them.

    Here is a picture of Lido pulling. If a inexperience person is holding Lido and a small animal runs buy, he will hit that leash so fast and so hard you will not even have time to react.