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Idea for pic thread: gun(s) & Zombie Survival Guide

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I got this idea from another thread after seeing a sweeeeeeet pic of a 1911 on top of the book followed up by another great pic of a g19 & 33rd mag in front of the book.

I'll bust out my POS camera to attempt this and post it later. Think it could be a fun thread, afterall I'm a sucker for zombies and guns. :supergrin:
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I can't do it but if someone would post a pic of either a tricked out AR, a .50BMG, or a Glock with light/laser/33rd mag and maybe a red dot...that'd be pretty cool to see...if I was a zombie I'd shop for brains elsewhere.


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Borders had an in-store special buy 1 get 1 half off last week. Included in the sale was ZSG & World War Z - both by Max Brooks. I dunno if they're still running the sale.

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This is a good idea for a thread. I do not want to sound like I think otherwise...this sort of thread is fun and I like it.

But screw Max Brooks and the ZSG...that guy knows SFA about guns. Knowing SFA about guns is fine, my best friend of many years knows absolutely nothing about guns. But then he doesn't write books including sections on what guns to buy to survive anything, either.

Surviving zombies is like the is serious business.

Anyway I keep a much better zombie survival guide in my head, which is unfortunately the first place I guess a zombie would look.

Tomorrow I will get a picture of other survival guides with select guns!
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