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ID wallets...what do you use?

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I need a simple wallet that can hold money as well as my EMS ID and my DL. I don't carry my metal badge around with me in my wallet so that's not needed.

I have a simple one piece leather with two plastic windows for ID and DL but it's old and ratty and I'd like something just as thin but maybe with the ability to carry cash.

What do you use?


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In addition to being EMS, I'm Army Guard, so, I bought a cheapo nylon/velcro trifold (In ACU) where I stick all my junk in. I don't carry a "official" wallet just for my EMS cert or FF ID.

Unless you're planning on carrying a badge (Which I don't recommend), any ol wallet will do, pick what ya like.
I use T.H.E. Wallet.... great piece of kit and holds all you need on shift.
Our department keeps our paramedic documentation on file so we don't have to carry it. I supposed if you're a volunteer and you show up on a scene dressed in your street clothes some identification would be necessay.
I might get one where I can carry my badge.

Then again, I may not.
I use 2 wallets. One I use for my 'everyday' things. DL, credit cards, library card, etc. The other one is a very thin, credit card sized folding wallet. It has 2 pockets on each side and I carry my certs in that one. I do it this way because one wallet (with all my certs and everything else) is very thick and uncomfortable to have in my pocket. Two wallets, one in each pocket, is much more comfortable.

If I was to shop around for a wallet to serve your purposes, I'd try the local 'cop shop'.
Check out Galls for some nice badge / ID wallets.

-Dave in IL

[edit] EMT1581, what part of PA? I'm moving to the Scranton area and am taking my national cert this month.,[edit]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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