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    By Sean Ellis

    IDAHO FALLS — Dealers at a gun show in Idaho Falls this weekend said gun sales have flattened following a banner year in 2009 that they attribute to fears by many conservatives that President Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress would move quickly to limit Second Amendment rights.

    While that hasn’t happened — Obama recently signed a law that allows Americans to pack heat in national parks — people rushed to load up on guns and ammo last year.

    “Sales were up really big last year right after the election until about the end of spring,” said Sean Tiffany, owner of Tiffany Enterprise, a Boise gun dealer. “I think part of it was people were afraid Obama’s going to go after the guns.”

    While some people would argue the gun lobby is whipping up those fears, gun dealers at the Idaho Falls show are confident Obama is the reason for 2009’s massive increase in gun sales.

    “People are afraid of what the government might do in the next few years — put extra restrictions on gun sales and that type of thing — so they’re trying to buy guns now before it’s too late,” said Steve Snider, promoter of the Lewis and Clark Trader Gun Show, which took place in Idaho Falls Saturday and Sunday and included about 100 vendors as well as a constant stream of potential customers.

    According to data recently released by the FBI, background checks for gun purchases rose significantly during the first half of 2009, and that doesn’t include sales by private individuals, who don’t need to conduct background checks in most states.

    “There are tons of private sales going on,” Tiffany said. “I guarantee you the first part of the year (last year) gun sales were up probably 25 to 50 percent, if not more. I had shows where I had two or three times more sales than I did during the same weekend the year before.”

    While Armageddon-type fears that the economy might collapse and chaos ensue had some impact on increased gun sales last year, most of it was fueled by concern that Obama might move to restrict gun sales, said Sheldon Blanco of Davy Crockett Gun Shop, which is based in Pocatello.

    “Honestly, I would have to say it was Obama,” he said. “People were very scared when he took office.”

    Tiffany and other gun dealers said sales have leveled out recently due to the bad economy because a lot of people simply can’t afford them right now.

    “I would say that gun sales are leveling out,” Blanco said. “A lot of people that I’ve spoken to think it is the economy. The serious collectors are waiting until they see something they cannot pass up. But your normal, average guy is not parting with a lot of money.”

    Blanco said ammunition sales have slowed as well. “Ammo sales have actually leveled off. Last year at this time, I sold quite a bit more ammo than I’ve sold this year.”

    Tiffany said while a lot of people predicted an increase in gun sales would lead to blood in the streets, FBI statistics actually show a major decrease in murders and other violent crimes during the first six months of 2009, at the same time gun sales skyrocketed.

    According to preliminary data released by the FBI in December, murders in the United States through June dropped by 10 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. Violent crime, which includes homicide, robbery, rape and aggravated assault, decreased by 4.4 percent.

    During that same six-month period, FBI background checks for gun purchases increased 28.8 percent in January over the previous year, 23.3 percent in February, 29.9 percent in March, 30.3 percent in April, 15.5 percent in May and 18.1 percent in June.

    Also in 2009, the first full year following the Supreme Court’s striking down of the Washington, D.C., gun ban, homicides in the nation’s capital plummeted 25 percent, from 186 to 140. According to the Washington Post, that marked the fewest homicides in D.C. since 1964.

    “The proof is in the pudding,” Tiffany said. “You can run all the facts you want and twist them any way you want, but if you look at the FBI statistics for crime, crime’s gone down at the same time gun sales have gone up.

    “In this state, we don’t have a whole lot of violent crime but everybody has guns. That’s because criminals think twice.”
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