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ICORE Match AT Byram This Sunday / Team Smith & Wesson Shooter Will Be There!

  1. Come one, come all and shoot the revolver ICORE match with us in Byram this Sunday, August, 19th, 2007.

    You can come shoot, or spectate. Set-up starts at 7:00AM, with a new shooter meeting at 8, followed by shooting at 8:30.

    If you shoot, bring your revolver with 4 speedloaders, a belt, speedloader pouches, 150 rounds and eye and ear protection.

    Or, as a new shooter, just bring a semi-auto which you can shoot for up to two matches. And, if youd don't have enough gear, we'll lend you what you need. Just be sure to bring FACTORY ammo; no "Bubba's Reloads".

    And as mentioned, two of the top revolver shooters in the world will be at this match::thumbsup:

    A quote from haras:

    "Annette and Elliotte Aysen are coming up to shoot with us Sunday. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, Annette is now a S&W sponsored shooter, and Elliotte is the inventor of the Speed-E-Rack. Elliotte is a Master class ICORE shooter, and Annette will outshoot most of us. They're great people, make sure you talk to them. Oh, and Annette is also our ICORE Southern Regional representative. Can you tell I'm excited?"


  2. I fondled that 627 yesterday for the longest time.

    If only I had $1k to blow, it'd be mine!

    No reloads for ICORE? Or no Bubba reloads? If it's no Bubba reloads, I'm in the clear, as my name is Carl!:tongueout:

  3. HAhaha...


    No "Bubba reloads" in OUR loaner guns...

    Bubba can shoot his own stuff in his own gun; so can Carl!;)

    Are you coming in town this weekend?
  4. USPSA updated their classification system today and Elliote is now a Grand Master. That puts him in a small group (5) of the best revolver shooters in the States.

    If you're not going to shoot, you owe it to yourself to spectate at the very least.
  5. Not sure if I'm coming or not, I have the IDPA match that afternoon, not sure if it will be at 1 or 2pm, hopefully 2. I'd love to come watch, and I'd love even more to play with my new 627 (haven't bought it yet), and I'd need to get a rig and moon rings for it as it's already cut for them. Or I could come try out that G34 with the Big Dot sights, that would be fun.

    I think it's possible to shoot without moon clips, but I'm not sure? What say the gods of the revolvo world?

    Classes start tomorrow, taking 15 hours this semester.

    We'll see how work/classes go this week, and what time the IDPA match is, hopefully I'll make it.

    Perhaps I'll go Thursday and put a few hundred on that gun, before some poor bastid goes in there, trys to buy it, and ends up in the bottom of the river.:hugs:
  6. The 627 comes from the factory with 3 moonclips. email me on the side and I'll list my recomendations as for as handy tools to make life easy and race belt gear to make things fun. I'll even offer to thow in a little instruction time somewhere down the line. The moonclips are thin so be careful with them. The clips will probably be case sensitive (pun intended) so stick with Remington and Starline brass.:thumbsup:
  7. Sounds good, hopefully I'll make it down there this weekend and we can chat in person.

    You sayin I'm ham handed? How'd you know I reloaded on a Dillon?


  8. They are only .022 think, be prepared to trash a few. The Dillon? Why my crystal ball of course! Wanna see some magic? :animlol:
  9. Oooh magic!

    If I picked up the gun this week, what all would I need to play with it this weekend? I figure more moon clips would be in order, could I borrow a holster/belt rig?

  10. Ahh... now you're talking! :dancingbanana: You're going to have some real fun now! :smoking:

    Yes, you will need some moonclips. I'll see if I can borrow some for you. Your best bet on buying some is here
    Buy the Hearthco. They are well worth the extra $. Minimum needed is about 10, recommended 20, that way you can load them ahead of time and not have to reload during a match. Down the road you might consider bumping that up to 30 for big matches.

    The ICORE club has Uncle Mike's Nylon holsters and some single clip holders that will work for you. Not too high tech but it will get you through the match. I'll give you pointers on equipment while you are there. Tools, we'll borrow at the range as needed. (It's all about the new shooters)

    Ammo - you need to find some Remington 38 Special. Round nose bullets load better. The moonclips are case sensitive and you will have the brass when you start reloading for it. The beauty of moon guns is you get your brass back (in a neat little package :sharon: ). The down side is that occasionally you or someone else will step on one. Some of them can be fixed (insert more magic here :shocked:)
  11. I aint saying I'm getting it, but it's an idea. I'd have to overnight the clips.... We'll see eh?
  12. I get it, it's a surprise deal :alex:
  13. 2 days....to go! Almost time to rock-n-roll...:tequila: :rock: :drunk: :drink: :cheers:
  14. You say the clips are .022", but the Harthco's are .025", which is it, or are they interchangable?
  15. He won't be shipping them out til Monday, so no point in overnighting them (the clips), and he answered my question from up there^^^.

    On a positive note, I got the tractor unstuck for dad, that was a chore. Ended up using my chip truck (13klbs empty) and a bit of momentum to get him out, took 3 tugs.

    Now I have to fix the winch line, we broke cable at the hook the last time he stuck the tractor.
  16. I can't do any magic on the tractor, be careful.

    The Hearthco's are the way to go. They are thicker, which is better. I have some .022's lined up for you if you change your mind.
  17. The tractor came out without issue.

    Bring the .022's, the Hearthco's couldn't be shipped out till Monday.

    ETA: Meant to say please :)
  18. Have confirmed the .022's will be there.
  19. Thanks!

    Now I just gotta wake up around 4-430 and boogy on down.
  20. Up at 430, loaded and left at 5, should be there between 7:45 and 8.

  21. Meet Annette Aysen. She did make it to our match Sunday and says she and her husband may be able to make it up for the September match as well.
  22. And, they kicked our butts xd357. 4th place here .:tongueout:

  23. heres a :hugs: for you your still my hero

    :supergrin: wish i could have been there to see ya'll shoot
  24. You forgot to add a sigh at the end of "you're my hero" :hearts:
  25. :laughabove: :tongueout: :laughabove:
  26. :chatter: I see yall's mouths moving, but I can't hear you.....

    If you're not careful, this is what he is going to expect :bowdown:
  27. :rofl: :rofl: he wouldn't do that now would he:tongueout: