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    In the summer of 1940 the young ice man drove his pickup truck up and down the streets looking at the "ice cards" hung on the screen doors of the residents who had ice boxes. The cards usually had 3 settings; 12 1/2 lbs., 25 lbs. and 50 lbs.

    It was a poor time and two old sisters lived alone and sometimes would show their card for 12 1/2 lbs. The young man knew they never paid their bill but he always stopped and took all the broken pieces off his truck and tried to pack their small wooden ice box.

    One day, after he had packed their box one of the sisters stepped out on the back porch and asked to speak to the young man. She seemed very shy and embarrassed, saying, "Young man my sister and I know you have helped us and knowing we could not pay. We have read in books that sometimes women offer their bodies for sex in exchange for favors. Since we have no money we decided to do that for you and since I am the youngest I am offering myself."

    The young feller tried to convince her that it was not necessary but after she insisted he finally said, "Okay," and they proceeded. After he dressed he took out his receipt book and wrote "PAID IN FULL" and handed it to the sister. She looked at the bill for only a second and blurted, "Now, look here, young man, we got that ice a little piece at a time and we intend paying for it the same way!"