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I would like to pay my debts

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by MissMarge21, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. MissMarge21


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    Dec 5, 2003
    To all the members I have recently ripped off, I would like to make amends with you all. I would like to repay you for your loss. I am really, truly sorry for what I have done. I was completely stupid, selfish, and greedy. I was thinking of noone but myself. So, I would like to reimburse everyone for their loss. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, please email me at with your name and phone number, or email me and I'll give you my name and number. So, I can send you your money, and hopefully square everything away as good as we can. Again, I apology for betraying everyones trust and I am trying to own up to my mistakes. I have used the handles mmojica3 and muddywater23. Thank You


    Please put a sticky on this