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I will give you $500 if you help me sell my house

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Greywolf, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Oct 4, 2002
    I will give you $500 if you help me sell my house
    Mountain Home for Sale

    6902 Holiday Hill Lane, Tallassee TN 37878 ( - go here and enter address to see it - you can also get aerial photos of the neighborhood.

    Located in southern Blount County, right off the Foothills Parkway. The house is about 20 minutes from Townsend and 45 minutes from Knoxville. Maryville is the closest city, about 15 minutes away. Maryville was recently ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 cities to live in (low crime, good jobs, low taxes, good schools, etc.) There are four different ways to get to the house, but the nicest is by getting on to the Foothills Parkway.
    You get onto the Foothills Parkway (all surrounded by park land), drive about 11 miles up the parkway (beautiful mountain and city views on either side) and then you get to this little tucked away and hidden community called "Top of the World" - a couple of small lakes and one large lake, homes (mostly vacation homes) spread out all over the place. Incredible views abound, some just a minute from my place. Probably one of the best-kept secrets around.

    The property has a well-maintained septic system and a nice spring fed well with some fantastic water. A new well pump (3/4 HP) has been installed. There is a new whole-house water filter installed as well.

    Originally a two bedroom, 1.5 bath - we converted a room in the basement and with improvements and egress, the house can now be called a 3 BR. Tons of storage space, including a full stand-up attic with partial flooring.

    Here is a link to a National Park Weather site that has a live web cam, that will allow you to see what some of the views are like that I get to see everyday on my drive to work - this web cam is about 1 minute drive from my house. If you view it at night, you won’t see anything.

    One of the nicest features about this house is our fireplace. We totally renovated it from a standard wood fireplace with flue to a beautiful stone fireplace, mantle, professional tile job on the hearth - it is very large and a focal point of the whole living room. The addition of the Lopi (top of the line) wood burning fireplace stove insert truly makes the room - and the stove heats the whole house quite nicely in the winter.

    One of the things I love so much up here is the quiet natural setting and wildlife, not to mention the change of seasons - you cannot even begin to imagine what it looks like in the fall when all the colors change.

    I can tell you quite a bit (obviously) about the house. We have lived here for 5 years, and have put about $30,000 worth of materials and work into the place.

    New windows all around (the nice, argon gas filled, double paned, vinyl, tilt in for easy cleaning sort), new doors (3 are steel insulated, 1 is wood insulated, as well as 3 new Larson insulated storm doors), new insulation everywhere, drywall, trim, refrigerator, all new electrical, new concrete floor in garage, new fencing on the majority of the property, the fireplace and stove insert are AWESOME, and we did a new chimney and lining as well. Two years ago we also got a brand new top of the line Carrier Heat Pump, Furnace, and whole house humidifier ($6000). The basement has improved a lot and has a lot of potential - perhaps someone can add a bathroom down there to go with the 3rd bedroom. The utility room is down there with the washer and dryer. And there is enough room down there to add another bedroom or convert the space into a game room (I always had this vision of placing a nice pool table down there.)

    We are not going to put carpet down at all, and instead will give a carpet allowance to the buyer so they can choose their own colors and grade of carpet. The master bathroom is totally done now (new vinyl, trim, baseboard, paint, shower curtain, pedestal sink, nice mirrored medicine cabinet, linen closet, new plumbing all around.)

    The total upstairs footage is 1,110 - this includes a totally enclosed sunroom. Downstairs is 625 sq. feet, excluding a 260 sq. foot single car garage.

    Dimensions and Room descriptions:

    Living Room - 14' 10" x 20' 11" = 311 sq. feet

    Has the beautiful fireplace with insert and a nice mantle. There are 6 recessed lighting fixtures with dimmer switches (1 switch for every 2 lights) - this is very nice and provides a lot of light when needed, or a nice dimmed light. There is a ceiling fan in the center of the room (no light fixture on it). Along the back wall of this room is a double window (pretty large) with a big windowsill. Along one sidewall is a very large sliding glass door that leads out onto the sunroom. There are two phone jacks in this room (one along the wall opposite the windows where I have my entertainment center and satellite TV system) and one along the sidewall just past the sliding glass door. These are perfect positions for them to be in. A lot of well-positioned electrical outlets as well (brand new, by the way). Overall, this is a very large living room that is well suited to a lot of things - you will never feel cramped in here!

    Sun Room - 9' 10" x 19' 10" = 195 sq. feet

    This room is right off the living room. It has a brand new steel insulated entry door and Larson insulated storm door. LOTS of windows in this room. Currently has vinyl down for flooring in pretty good shape. I have done some rewiring in here for the outlets as well as switches. A nice white ceiling fan and light fixture is in the center of the room. This room could easily be turned into a very nice dining room, and it has a nice view of the front yard through all the windows. This is where we see a lot of the wild birds, chipmunks, and squirrels.

    Main BR - 11' 4" x 11' 6" = 130 sq. feet

    This room has recently been painted in a nice light lavender color with white trim. There is a small "walk in" closet that is well laid out for storage. Two windows are in this room (one on each wall facing outside) with sills as well. This room, except for the flooring, is done. New entry door. Very nice white ceiling fan with light fixture.

    Second BR - 11' 6" x 14' = 161 sq. feet

    Two windows (one facing outside, the other facing into the sunroom) with sills. New entry door with trim. This room also has a nice ceiling fan and light fixture. There is also an ISDN phone connection in here for high speed internet access.

    Main Bath - 5' x 8' = 40 sq. feet (tub/shower combo)

    This room is completely done. Same light lavender color as main bedroom. Nice gray marbled vinyl, new pedestal sink, chrome faucet, large mirrored medicine cabinet, linen cabinet, chrome hardware and towel holders, new door and trim. This is a very nice, relaxing bathroom that I think is just the right size.

    Half Bath - 3' 7" x 5' 10" = 21 sq. feet

    Totally renovated with new drywall, vinyl, door, fixtures, new pedestal sink and some cabinetry.

    Kitchen/Dining - 12' 2" x 18' 4" = 223 sq. feet

    This room is quite large. Lots of cabinet space. Totally renovated with new fixtures, paint, vinyl flooring, countertop, and sink. A brand new door exits onto the back porch (the upper half of the door is a nice clear pane of glass so you can look outside) and a new insulated storm door is in front of it. There is a door and wall that separates a stairway leading down into the basement from the kitchen. Another ceiling fan is in here as well. Eat-in kitchen/dining area with pendant light.

    Main basement room - 13' x 19' 3" = 180 sq. feet

    This is where I had wanted to place a pool table - there sure is enough room for one!) Right now this room is empty. The door that we use most of the time to enter the house is right here. A brand new Larson storm door is on it as well. There is a nice new window next to it too, providing a lot of natural light. A brand new water heater is here as well – I got a 50 gallon with a 12 year warranty, and it is top of the line and very energy efficient. The plumbing for the whole house is down here and very easy to access. A door in this room leads out into the 1 car garage. This whole basement area is very well insulated. No leaks or moisture problems at all. We are leaving a dehumidifier with the house that we keep down in the basement.
    3rd Bedroom (has egress and very neat window well with a hinged roof and a
    ladder out of it) - 12' 10" x 14' = 180 sq. feet

    Drywall is all hung and ready to be finished. Nice large room. Has outlet for hooking up a TV to the satellite system. Numerous electrical outlets. No door yet to close off room to the rest of the basement. Floor is concrete and needs covering.

    Utility room (where Washer/Dryer is and utility sink) - 13' x 15' = 195 sq.feet

    This room has a lot of potential. We were thinking of walling off the area with the sink and washer/dryer, and putting in a bathroom down there. There is enough room for a decent sized shower, toilet, sink, cabinets, etc. The new washer and dryer will stay.

    Garage - 13' x 20' = 260 sq. feet

    One car garage - has a lot of storage space, some worktables/benches that I am leaving behind and is well insulated. The garage door is in good shape. We had a new concrete floor laid down a few years ago and it is in great shape.

    Outside - 1/3 of an acre - wooded, though I have cleared out a bit of the trees along the front yard. This is a corner lot, and the gravel road wraps around the lot on 2 sides. The lot is up on a rise, with a nice commanding view of the neighborhood. We have no neighbors living on three sides of us, and the ones on the other side are down the hill and are here maybe 2 weeks out of the year. The chain link fence surrounds the house and encloses most of the property. There are two small gates to the rear of the property, and one large gate that spans the driveway - this is very nice since it keeps our entire property private and off-limits to people. The gates have sturdy locks on them as well.

    Security lighting is in front of each door (motion sensor) and a fluorescent light that comes on automatically at dark provides ample lighting for most of the yard. We have a regular phone line into the house as well as an ISDN line into the house. Also have a Dish network satellite system hooked up – the dish will remain. The well has a new well pump on it, and the septic system is in great shape. The only thing I pay for besides electric (very inexpensive due to TVA) and my taxes (currently $285 a year) is my garbage pickup - private service at $12 a month. No water bill, no gas bill, and no sewer bill.

    Contact info – Eric Field, 865-660-9143 – email is

    Pricing – we are asking $85,000 though we will entertain offers. We are also including a $1500 flooring allowance.
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    Apr 6, 2002
    Folks,this is a very nice house!
    Buy it now before you miss out on a great deal!

    There,I helped.
    Please paypal the $500 to

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    Oct 4, 2002
    Heh heh :) Oh trust me, if anyone turns over someone to me who buys this place, I WILL pay them $500 as soon as the ink is dried on the contract.