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I was considering a grip plug

  1. I was considering a grip plug for my G26 to keep stuff out. I carry this weapon mostly IWB against my skin.

    I decided to construct one myself, this is what I have come up with



    This is to be painted of course. Good? Bad? Un-needed?
  2. why do you think you need that....
  3. I am speechless...
  4. how are you going to pull your mag should you need to force it out?
  5. Woodshop paid off. :whistling:
  6. Why do you need one?
  7. Huh? :dunno:
  8. dude...just pay the $5 and get one at your gun shop! OMG thats bad...
  9. It's going to be awesome when the wood starts expanding and you can't get it out.

    Or when you accidentally bump it further down into the grip and can't get it out.
  10. You might be a redneck if............:whistling::tongueout:
  11. He can always get it out. Just drill a small pilot hole and insert a wood screw part way. Then pull on the wood screw. OK, so I paid the $6.95 and bought one for my own Glocks but if I was looking for something to do and liked to fiddle ... nothing wrong with this.

    Cannot remember the last time I had to pry a magazine out of my Glock. Guess I got one of the "good" Glocks?
  12. Dude you did fine. your glock your way!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Not necessarily. I only see three fingers and a thumb in the picture...:whistling:
  14. it's your gun and your plug ..I have no problem with it at all ..looks like you did a fine job....the trouble is most of the perfect information providers on here were not old enought to shoot handguns when they came with wooden grips ..:rofl:
  15. Looks good to me,......make it yourself instread of buying a overpriced part?!
    Simply OUTSTANDING! :thumbsup:
  16. You widdled a piece of wood into a slug plug for a glock pistol? At first I thought it was just some SPAM he shoved in there lol.

    No really thats alot of time on your hands, be yourself nobody can say your doing it wrong.

    I see now the new G17 WTF2 (Wood Textured Frame ver 2)

    I'm only teasing a little I actually thought you making that was pretty cool you made that.
  17. i hear the back of the glocks are hollow to allow the excess power and debris to find their way out of the gun. but i would get one because it could prevent a mag snag in a tight situation. Glocks (or hardly any other modern gun, but especially glocks) are not going to breakdown b/c of excess gun power and/or debris. thats laughable!
  18. Perfection in its finest form :supergrin:
  19. Did you mean to say power? or powder? Your spelling is laughable :rofl: