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Greed is good.

Send me your Casino bucks.

No reason--I don't have a gambling problem and nobody hacked my account.:rofl

I just want a million.

What's in it for you? I'll start the first Glock Talk Bank and make loans at high interest rates. I'll make you a virtual shareholder in the bank and you'll get one share for every $100 in Casino Bucks you transfer to me.

Its not FDIC insured
You are buying virtual stock in a very risky venture.

Plus you get to say--hey that's Big Bird--he's the first Glock Talk millionaire--I know that guy! You will grow in stature and admiration among your peers.

Easy street here I come!

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it took me about 4 years to win my first million on aol's popo poker site lol

good luck getting that here!
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