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I want to be a reservist with option

  1. to become a Navy SEAL. I can blow all the test away. I have been training for years. What is the opinion that a reservest can be invited to become part of the SEALs?

    What is the pay scale.

    BTW: I am an old 36 year olr. however I can rune a sub 5 minute mile, do unlimited pushups/pullups and can swim. I also need to mention that i have an advanced Master of Science degree.
  2. Why are you choosing the reserves? There may be Reserve SEAL units, but I'd expect somebody willing to give it 100% to go active duty. Nothing wrong with the Reserves (I'm National Guard), but I'd like to know your logic.

    Also, consider your fall-back options. Most people fail out of Navy SEAL school - some aren't as tough as they think they are, but others just get unlucky. Get shin splints or twist your ankle and that may be it... Consider this possibility, since only a tiny percentage of the special forces option folks make it all the way through.

    You may want to consider something like Army Special Force - fail out there and you can still stay Combat Arms. Not sure if that's the case in the Navy.

    When I was deployed as an E4 (army - tanks), I was making about $3400/month. My pay was a LOT lower than that when I was stateside, without Combat Pay, Hardship Pay, and the state/federal tax exemptions. The biggest part of my pay was "Base and Housing Allowance," which covers lease or mortgage payments for soldiers living off-post. The base pay portion of my income was only $1700/month, or roughly half of everything I got.

    I wasn't a Navy SEAL (obviously), so I don't really know how much they'd be getting per month. They could be getting Sea Pay, Dive Pay, Parachute Pay, Special Duty Assignment Pay, Foreign Language Proficiency Pay, Demolition Pay, and possibly others. They'd also be a higher rank (E5 and up). Pay would obviously be higher than what I got, but I don't know by how much. In any case, don't expect to get rich.

    The biggest part of a Navy SEAL's financial incentives are probably going to be his reenlistment bonuses. In many cases, that may add up to far more than all the regular pay and allowances that a SEAL receives.

    In any case, if you want specifics about Navy SEAL pay and benefits, I suggest you talk to a recruiter.
  3. There are no reserve accession options for special warfare - you have to join as an active duty member then you can transition to the reserves when your active duty commitment is up.

    Unfortunately, despite your physical ability, you're too old. The maximum age for enlisting is 34 and for a commission as an officer it's 29. Other Services may have different criteria, but those are our limits.

    I'm not a recruiter. If you're really interested, then that's who you should talk to -- it's their job to know.

  4. Being a former recruiter you need to think of this, you are too old. Plus you are wanting to join the Navy, not the Navy Seals. Besides your sub 5 minute mile, what if you didnt qualify testwise to be a seal? there are a lot of variables involved to joining the SEALS. You would need to have a source rating if they havent already changed to their own rating yet. Not to sound to disenchanting, when I was recruiting I came across plenty of college grads that couldnt get past the ASVAB test. Lots of things could happen, color blindness, injuries. I have seen people get disqualified because of too much acne on their back when they went to take the physical.
  5. Your too old.I had a guy that was 26 when I was in reg. Boot camp,he damn near did EVERY PT exercise twice,he made it..but it was tough for him.
    He was our go too guy for knowledge..after all,we called him the old man:upeyes:

  6. I dont think you can be special forces in the reserve. I may be wrong. Anyhow I just graduated "A" school from NATTC Pensacola and im starting to think once a month isnt enough from me. I want to go active duty now but i have to wait 2 years.
  7. Thank you both..for serving, and wanting too serve.

  8. There are two Army National Guard Special Forces groups.

    I know virtually nil about them.
  9. there has to be an expemtion. I bet you a enlisstee will tell you that
  10. did i mention i weigh 220 and bench press 430 and leg pres in the 1000,s. I ha a BS and a MS
  11. No offense, I don't mean to be an ass, but you can't even spell or type. Weight lifting ability has nothing to do with being a SEAL. You really need to talk with a recruiter, but I can tell you that you are too old. And with that said, I don't think they do it for the money.