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I was bored on craigslist the other night and found a guy with a 1996 Polaris XCR 600 SP with a rebuilt mill, new seat, hood, track, and a bunch of other new parts. He had it in the barter section and was looking for to trade. I shot him a text saying I had a Glock G17 RTF2 I would be willing to trade for the sled (thinking he wouldn't be interested, or have a permit to carry so he couldn't trade for it.). Turns out he was a PTC holder, and a huge Glock fan. He said he could do that. So I got a new sled for this winter (been riding since I was 5, raced for 5 years in my teens). Pretty happy with the trade. Here are pics of my new toy...

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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