I thought I had the perfect compact Glock...

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    The (Sub-Compact) G26 :)
    Just the same I rented a G30 two days ago, just to see how the little Big Dawg handled - put about 50 hardball down range. I went out yesterday and bought one;j Put about 250 rounds of assorted ammo thru it this evening, Wow;3 great little thumper. I don't think it recoils much more that my G26. Now I need a new holster, night sights, smooth trigger etc. etc.
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    Can't blame ya...
    What I don't understand though, is what could be wrong with the stock trigger. It certainly doesn't hurt or bother my finger and can't see how it could to anyone. what's the deal with 'smooth' triggers?

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    YMMV but I've found that the target trigger hurts my finger in recoil, particularily with +P ammo. I don't notice it much with standard pressure fodder. I put some +P Golden Sabers and Corbons down range after a couple of boxes of standard pressure white box and ouch ;P !

    It's a cheap/quick fix... I usually drop in a 3.5# connector while I'm at it.
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    First they try.. then they buy.. There's something in the G30's polymer that puts the shooter in a trance I bet.. ;f Naa.. it's the outstanding accuracy and mild recoil pulse in a relatively small package that holds 10+1 that does the hypnotizing! ;P

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