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I think I made peace with stock sights

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After a journey through a few other polymers, i realized G19 is where my heart is at. For obvious reasons...

Picked up 2x gen5 19s and headed to the range. Stock sights, lots of ammo. 3 days in a row. I am perfectly fine with the sights. At the end of the weekend i realized i shoot a stock glock with oem sights as good as ones once i had with expensive sights.

Now... Certain situations might demand else. For now these babies are staying how they came from factory and on a strict heavy diet 124mm.

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Glock sights are like old stock Colt 1911 sights. They work yes, but you will be more accurate with better sights. They are serviceable just like the old Colt sights. There is a reason why most put better sights on.
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