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I think I made peace with stock sights

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After a journey through a few other polymers, i realized G19 is where my heart is at. For obvious reasons...

Picked up 2x gen5 19s and headed to the range. Stock sights, lots of ammo. 3 days in a row. I am perfectly fine with the sights. At the end of the weekend i realized i shoot a stock glock with oem sights as good as ones once i had with expensive sights.

Now... Certain situations might demand else. For now these babies are staying how they came from factory and on a strict heavy diet 124mm.

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To be honest, sadly, you are completely correct.

On my G23.3 I have TFX and really love them. Very visible at night and WOW in the daylight they pop. This is my carry and the one I am most comfortable with. G19.4 is quite stock, and to be honest, I find the sight-picture even easier to be accurate with. I am just really struggling to spend $100+ on new sights when shooting the OE bumps just fine.

Flame Suit is on, but that's just how it goes for me.
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