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I think I have found the bike for me!

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I found a sv1000. It is a 2003, the only year it came naked with the liter motor.

It has yosh pipes, 5600 miles and not a scratch on it.

The stealership is asking 5900, which I think is a little high.

But, I now know what bike I for sure want.

With those pipes it sounds sooooooo good.

Now to find one for a good deal. I am willing to wait until fall but I don't want to.:frown:

Just wanted to share my bike nirvana!
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You can still get them new here apparently.


Originally posted by xring04
Well 2003 was the only year they made the sv1000. Now all you can get is the sv1000s, the problem is that I do not like the riding position on the s models.
You need a whole triple stack off a non s to get the position I like.
Before I did that much work I would get a set of Helibars. I think that's the next purchase for my '06 SV1000S. Take a little strain off the wrists.
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