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Sort of still developing it in my head.

I was at a hockey tournament, on the far side of the rink was a second floor with windows. I could see people working out thru the windows. Sprints, running forward, high step, backward, sideward, cross over, duck walk, Hmmmm, my basement is big enough to do those things. I was thinking, I have yet to do any real training that involved the type of movements I was seeing, I guess that must be cross training.

What if, I put on a holster, my mag carrier vest all loaded up, empty pistol in holster, empty rifle in hand and did some of those workouts in my basement. I know plenty of ranges don't permit those types of movements, so to do that outside would require some property. Plus people see you running about all kitted up might generate some suspicion and a call to the law. In between the running and movements, throw in a series of free weights, some torture wheel? When doing the running and movements that can be run like shuttles on a basketball court, at each course reversal, place or pick up a mag and stow it while moving in the carrier vest. I would think that this type of activity would certainly aid towards a class I may take next summer (Active Shooter Course), I'm sure they will require plaenty of those types of movements.

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