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I put my hands on a gen 5 19 and 17 today.

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So I finally got my hands on the new gen 5 19 and 17 today. I have all gen three glocks so I was worried about how the lack of finger grooves would feel. To my surprise I actually like the 19.5 better but not the 17.5. The 17 feels huge to me without finger grooves. My edc is a 17.3. Also the half moon cutout at the bottom of the grip is not an issue to me. My fingers don’t reach it on the 19.5. Anyone have similar results?

I’ll be saving money to get me a 19.5 here in the next few months.
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I couldn't happier with my Gen 5's, the 19.5 and 17,5 both are awesome, and for now my accuracy is better with the heavier bullets, 124gr, 147gr and 150gr I'm sure the lighter bullets will be better as I go along, Congrats on your new G-19.5, you're going to be a happy camper..
Funny, I've noticed the same thing in my 19.5. With 150gr HSTs I shot a sub 1" group @15Y a week or so ago. My 115gr FMJ BB groups were a pathetic 2.5 to 3.5 inches @15Y.
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