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"I Peed on Happy's Head"

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Cali-Glock, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Feb 11, 2002
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    The "Trouble" thread reminded me of a story I heard this weekend from my brother-in-law.

    My nephew (Nate) and my dad's (whom the grandkids call "Frampit") dog (Happy) have a love/hate relationship. They spend hours every week playing together, but they can both sometimes start playing too rough and play tricks on each other.

    The other day my parents, my sister and brother in law were eating dinner together with some guests from overseas while the kids played outside; my brother-in-law steped out to check on the kids and saw my three-year old nephew standing on the edge of the deck and it looked like he was up to no good; the Nate turned around pulling up the front of his pants. My brother-in-law looked stern and asked "What were you doing?" - OH NO! Caught in the act. My nephew knew he was caught, but lied anyway "nothing". My brother-in-law just stares at the kid... a second passes "I peed on Happy's head". My brother in-law said he kept a straight face, and spoke to his son trying and the kid admitted he was just playing a mean trick on the dog. "Was that a nice thing to do Nate?" "No daddy" was the response. "I think you need to go in and apologize to Frampit" was my brother-in-laws reply.

    So here are a half dozen adults having a quiet dinner when my nephew comes in and pulls on my dad's shirt. My dad was apparently talking at the time so he had to stop and asked Nate what he wanted. The whole room is silent and watching this three year old boy. Nate is quite repentant, and says "I'm sorry Framipt, I was bad, I peed on Happy's head" - to which the entire table erupted in laughter - my dad said he wanted to counsel the kid (as my brother-in-law had already done) or punish him - but what the hell it was too damn funny.

    *PS: No I don't know where the hell the nickname Frampit came from - all I know is that is what the grandkids call him - I suspect Frampit was a mispronunciation of Grandpa or something by one of the first grandkids and so it became his "name".
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    Feb 19, 2001
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    Since I happen to own a dog named Happy,this was especially funny to me!;)