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I really like the Glock steel luminescent sights on my pistols and I have them on two of my Glocks and ordered a set to put on the other. The rear sight only comes in 6.5mm and 6.1mm (one slash mark, and two slash marks with the bottom being smaller), Glock part #'s NR17G32 and NR17G33.

I was sent a 6.9mm (two slash marks with the top one smaller).

Glock doesn't have this listed on their parts order form. Do you think they are making them in this size now and just haven't updated the forms, or do you think this is a one-off or very limited production run?

If I install it on a G19, how much higher will my shot placement be on the target?

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Glock rear sight heights 6.1mm | 6.5mm (standard) | 6.9mm | and 7.xx-mm
* ALL rear sights are Listed by stock number, height in mm, and applicable and *non-applicable Glock firearms.
G-42 and G-43 are true Slimline's, making standard rear sights too wide for G42,43.
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