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    Man charged with licking women's feet
    By Associated Press, 6/17/2002 09:09
    WOONSOCKET, R.I. (AP) A Providence man has been arrested for allegedly licking the feet of two female shoppers at a Woonsocket supermaket, police said.

    Police have received three calls describing similar incidents elsewhere in the state.

    Raymond C. Dublin, 34, of Woonsocket was arrested Thursday after turning himself in at Woonsocket police headquarters, The Providence Journal reported. At his arraignment in District Court last week, he pleaded innocent to two counts of simple assault.

    The assaults allegedly occurred the afternoon of June 6 at Shaw's Supermarket on Diamond Hill Road.

    A 32-year-old Woonsocket woman reported that a man started to follow her, stopping on one side of her each time she paused to select a grocery item.

    The man complimented her feet and said her toenail polish was ''pretty.''

    Then, according to the police report, the man bent down as if to pick up an item for a low shelf, grabbed the woman's foot and licked it.

    The woman simply walked away, she told the police. She said she noted the man following her, so she headed for the check-out counter. She said the man quit following her and continued to walk around the store.

    The man then approached a woman in the cosmetics aisle, according to the report. He told the 32-year-old Blackstone woman she had pretty feet, and that he was a ''foot man.''

    The man bent down and started arranging items on a low shelf. The woman thought he was a Shaw's employee, she told the police.

    He than placed some part of his face on her foot, the woman said.

    As the man fled toward the exit, the woman's husband followed him and took down the license plate number of his car as he drove away.

    The police traced the car to Dublin.

    After discovering that Dublin had a record of sexual assaults, the police included his image in a photo line-up, and both alleged victims picked him out, police said.

    Police said they have received three calls informing them of similar incidents that occurred recently elsewhere in the state, and the callers described a suspect fitting Dublin's description.

    In 1991, Dublin was convicted of first-degree sexual assault and sentenced to 15 years with 10 to serve; in 1998, he was convicted of second-degree sexual assault and sentenced to 15 years with five to serve.

    He is being held without bail at the state prison for allegedly violating the terms of parole and probation.

    He will appear at a pre-trail hearing in District Court June 24.

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