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I need basic pistol training documents (PDF, etc)

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by filthy infidel, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Apr 24, 2007
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    When I was eight or so my dad took me on a drive. We parked and I followed him into the woods, and I noticed a big leather holster with U.S. branded in the side. He pulled out his Marine issue Colt and told me to cover my ears as he put eight rounds into a stump.
    I vividly remember chunks of wood flying and the action of the slide cycling. Also vivid was when he helped me hold it after reloading, and together we put a few rounds in that stump.
    My brother and sister and I knew where the guns were, and we knew where the ammunition was, but did not dare touch guns growing up.
    It is my wish that my children also respect firearms for their intrinsic value as mechanical tools but also their deadly nature in unskilled (and skilled) hands.
    Tomorrow I am going to give my seven and nine year old boys a brief instruction of pistol and cartridge components. Later my wife and I are going to take them out and assist them in firing some rounds at fruit. I hope that should they find a firearm they know that it's not something to flash around like in the movies, and that they see, feel, and hear what it is like to fire one first hand. Hopefully I can instill a solid respect for the gun in them.
    If anyone has any docs I can print out that detail pistol/cartridge/magazine parts etc I'd appreciate it if anyone has anything that would aid in my instruction.
    If my children never use the word 'clip' erroneously I'd also be proud.
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