I need another pistol...so i'm getting the same one?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ricky_arthur, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Feb 15, 2010
    Like the title says I'm buying another pistol, I currently have only one. A glock 23c I've had since about 2000. I like it alot, it has killed 2 mountain lions for me on 2 different occasions when I got in a pinch. I'm getting another pistol mainly cause I want one but the reasons I gave the wife :whistling: are also valid. 23C not the best cc option and also I had read enough about glock kabooms to get slightly nervous(during my resaerch i kept finding KB threads). I shoot 95% reloaded ammo. So I decided to look at the M&P and The XD pistols. Went to the funshop and fondled them both then put another glock 23 side by side with them. Hands down I just like the glock, it's what I'm used to and when I point it it is natural to me both the xd and M&P did not point naturally for me. Yes I could get used to them, but why? I can get a glock and a wolf BBl (for better case head support)for the same cost as the other two options.

    Also I want a .40. I have lots of brass and reloading stuff for .40's and i like the caliber and don't want to start loading another caliber pistol right now.

    So here is my main question. Should I get an un-compensated lone wolfe BBl for the 23c (and use it to carry)and get a G-22 cause right now I'm leaning toward getting another 23. is g22 and g23 > 2 g23 ?

    Thanks, and Hi. I've spent about 3 days reading on here.:wavey: