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I need a PDA any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by mrglocks, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. mrglocks

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    May 5, 2003
    The Backwoods of Pa.& W.V.
    I'm looking to get a PDA as im tired of writing evertyhing on scraps of paper and losing them, i had a palm pilot years ago so im sorta familiar with using them.(organizer, datebook, address book etc.) I was searching the net and i'm bombarded with info on hundreds of PDA's and pocket pc's
    here's what i would like:

    aside from the basics mentioned above I'd like the ability to send and recieve e-mails, instant messages, text messages and multimedia messages (i'm sure i'll need a camera to send pics) a voice memo feature, expandable memory (if applicable).

    also, do they make one with a phone?
    with speakerphone and/or headset?

    what is "bluetooth" and "wi-fi"?
    will i need a wireless carrier
    to use the wi-fi and/or bluetooth?

    and how much i should expect to pay for all of this gadgetry.

    sorry for all the questions but i've been out of the loop for while!

    gone are the days of syncing to your desktop, oh how easy it was!!
  2. DennisP


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    Sep 23, 2000
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    It doesn't have a phone but a PALM TX is a really good one. I was debating getting one myself but I doubt I would use it enough to make it worthwile. Still thinking about it though. Do a google search on PALM TX and it will take you to some review sites that will help you decide. If you are going to buy one, look on EBAY, they have a bunch of them for sale and you could get some deals.

    Good Luck
    Dennis P.

  3. Trsnrtr


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    Feb 9, 2001
    The Midwest
    I've got both a Palm Lifedrive and a Dell Axim X5. The Palm has wifi built in and the Dell has a wifi card. The newer Axims have wifi built in also. You have to have access to a network to use them which I do at home.

    I haven't tried to use either one in wifi hotspots, but I have turned them on in parking lots a couple of times and got a signal. Recently, I used somebody's unsecured signal for a half hour or so waiting on my wife.

    Today, while my wife was getting a haircut and I was sitting in a parking lot, I got a good signal but couldn't use it.

    Handheld devices are fun, but they don't take the place of a good laptop.