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I made the jump to the dark side

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I made the jump to the dark side with the purchase of a new Glock 34 9mm. Up untill now I wasn't a fan of Glock, so my first 9mm was a Beretta 92FS. It is a very nice gun and I really love shooting it. My son and son-in-law are both Glockites and they never miss a chance to tell me how great they are. After a few years of browbeating, I succumbed to the dark side.

I had fired my son's Model 35 .40 and I did pretty well with it. Actually it is his wife's gun and she outshot us that day.:crying:Not wanting a .40, I opted for the Model 34 in 9mm.

The Glock is quite a bit different from the Beretta. The trigger, for one thing. The Glock appears to jump a bit more and I think that it is the difference in weight (about 10 oz). I've been dry-firing it to get used to the trigger. The last time out I shot 5 of 5 steel plates (8") at about 40' and I thought "hey, I can do this." That was just before I missed 4 straight. :tongueout: I then thought "no, you can't."

I'm sure it is all trigger operator. I shot some paper and sure enough, low and left. After some work I would shoot 3 or 4 out of 5 most of the time. With the 92FS I usually get 4 of 5. More practice is on the schedule. And lots of dry-firing.

I've shot about 750 rounds and have not had a single problem. I like the gun and I am glad that I purchased it.

And hanging out here is great, too.:wavey:

Mike in Port St. Lucie (sure is cold here)
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You are now infected!! There is no cure!! :supergrin:

Welcome to the Dark (better) Side!! :welcome:

Congrats on the purchase too!!! :thumbsup:


welcome to the site u will want to buy more and more glocks now
trust me i started off with one glock now i have five and want more
once u get the trigger part mastered u will shoot it very well
Congrats on your 34 and :welcome: to GT.
Hey great choice and welcome to GT. I love mine.

I'll honk when I pass you on my way to Boynton Beach Thursday... :wavey:
Wise decision and welcome to the Glock family. I own a few different handguns, I trust my life to Glock!
Hey great choice and welcome to GT. I love mine.

I'll honk when I pass you on my way to Boynton Beach Thursday... :wavey:
What's going on in Boynton? Firearms related?
What's going on in Boynton? Firearms related?
No... :crying:

Work, but work is good to have, so no complaints... :embarassed:
:cool: The Glogk 34 is a very nice gun. Your going to have a lot of fun with it. Don
You seem to like giant 9mms!
Welcome to the site!
Welcome! Congrats on the 34; it's the next Glock I'd love to add to my collection! Keep working on that trigger control, once you learn Glock's trigger you can really make them fly at the range!
You seem to like giant 9mms!
Welcome to the site!
Yes, I do. I'm only 5'8" but I have fairly large hands and I thought a larger gun would be easier to handle. I have a little trouble with the Beretta mag button but the Glock is easy for me to reach. I think it's because the Beretta grip is larger. I've fired my son's 26 and 17. I'm not wild about the 26 but the 17 seems like a fine gun.

I have to say that this site is the best forum site that I've seen. Most of the others are a little thin on attendance. When is the next party?:whistling:
Congrats and welcome to the forum. :wavey:
They're like Doritos and a good dog-hard to have just one.
the dark side welcomes you
Welcome. The grass is greener over here. And we have cookies.
Congrats on a fine gun.

I shot one in competition for several months and then decided to both my Glocks to .40 caliber, so I wound up with a used G27 that looks like someone used it to drive 2x4s and have moved from a Gen 3 Model 35 to a brand new Gen 4. After lots of trial and error I have finally (I hope and so does my wife) settled on the .40 caliber as the best trade-off between muzzle velocity/energy and the price of practice ammo. If I could afford to practice with .45 caliber, I'd probably own a couple of G30s, one for carry and one for home.

Sigh - maybe in the future.

Hang in there.
The G34 is my favorite model. Congrats.

Welcome to the Dark Side. I think you'd like it here.
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