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I know why unemployment is so high.

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by DaneA, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. SevenSixtyTwo


    May 5, 2011
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    That's what I meant. As the economy picks up, more hiring. When the economy cools, less productive employees are the first to go. I've watched it evolve several times over the past 30 years. It works great except when someone's brother in law or beer drinkin' buddy is kept in favor of more qualified employees. That happens a lot too. Unfortunately, that happens a lot with probates applying for union membership. Not worth a damn on the job but a good friend and beer drinking buddy so he gets the signatures needed to become a member. Then we have to put up with him until the company fires him. Down here that's pretty easy to do. Apparently, up north it's not so easy.
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    Apr 10, 2007
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    My bro in law runs a seafood shop and during crawfish season I help him out when I can. I get a lot of register time in and get to oversee kids on the register even more.

    A lot of people like to add to the amount after it's been tendered. Some are trying to be funny, many are trying to scam the high schooler into giving back extra money, not a lot really worry about what their change is.

    When I recognize people who do this habitually they receive their change back in nickels and pennies.

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    You might be spot on. Even the best employees will feel insecure if they start seeing everyone around them getting cut. I have left a job because of that. Had a boss that fired people when they messed up a lot. Although I was doing my job, and I understood why he fired some of them, often it was for simply mistakes, and I was always worried because I knew one mess up, I would be fired with bad reference, and I'm not perfect, so I found a new job.

    It seems that many employers think that because the economy is bad, they can ask higher qualified people to do a job beneath them, pay them a lot less, then treat them like dirt. Then they wonder why they can't keep or even get anyone decent to apply. Before I even consider applying for a job, I research the company, and in my business, like you said, word travels. There are some companies that are on the "do not work for" list for having a bad reputation. Especially if you have a reputation for messing with people's pay.

    For some people, the company they worked for became the dead weight. I was layed off last spring because the company was bought out and the new owner brought in his own people. He kept a few people there, the one's that were the lowest wage and the one's he liked, but got rid of me and a couple others. The people he brought in were his buddies. It was an automotive repair and service shop. The people he kept weren't the best, trust me. I guess he found out why they were lower in pay because he just went out of business. Yup, he bought a business that had been there for 25 years and managed to close it down in 8 months!

    If you were hunting for rabbits, would you aim at the sky? If it's a minimum wage job, don't expect perfectionist. However, hiring a cashier or anything like that, someone with great people skills might be worth a few extra bucks. It's kind of like going out to eat. The food might be great, but if the service sucks, it can ruin the experience. Right?

    The other store I worked in before, we were a "low volume store" and we had the highest rating in the area for customer service, and always made high numbers. Investigations were done thinking someone was paying people to call in on the line to give artificial ratings. We also had the highest paid cashiers, which got the manager in trouble, but we had some great cashiers that customers would often go by the registers first just to say hi.

    Most of them are just doing their minimum to keep their unemployment check coming. Schools today I don't think are teaching about PRESENTATION which is so important. Just as long as they can pass that CRTC test and the exit exams. However, if they can't even present themselves, they won't be able to work either.

    Yes, but often they forget to take care of their good employees.

    You are right, high turnover is not good for a company. A company that is one month hiring, next month firing is a sign of an unstable company, and the more desirable employees will find more desirable employers.

    Damn good ole boy system reaks in the South. I think it's everywhere, but especially here. The old expersion "it's not what you know, it's who you know". I have worked with as well as known many people that would not have a job if they weren't so good at being buddy buddy.
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    I do it because getting back 3 quarters makes it easier for me to pay the toll booth later. I try not to accumulate pennies and nickels in my change cup. I also try to limit how many $1 bills I have in my wallet.
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    Spot on. I suspect this when I hear people complaining about not being able to find good help. Minimum wage, minimum qualifications, minimum effort. Try treating your people right or STFU. If you can't pay enough to hire good employees or get buy with the minimum, then shut your doors. You're not doing anyone a favor. The world does not owe you a profit. Don't blame everyone else. I'm amazed some places can find anyone to work.
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    Says the guy who whined on GT about his business failures.
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    I still think his avatar is a pic of him taking a leak.