I know this isnt the right forum for this!!!

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by JWG_34, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Just wanted to put this where all my fellow teammates, will get a better chance to read it!

    I wanted to let everyone of my fellow teammates have a look at the house me and the wife are buying.
    It is a 1500 sq ft double wide and it is sitting on 3.66 acres of land.
    I think we got a steal on it according to the prices of land in this part of SC. We are getting the whole package for $92000.
    Its taken a little over a month but we will be closing tuesday.
    Im going to have enough room to hunt a little and a private shooting range. So I can get back into shooting my glocks.

    Ill keep everone inform of how the new home goes.

    Take care and I enjoyed reading how everones day went at Conyers,Just sorry I couldnt be there with all my fellow teammates,But I was rooting for everyone of you!
    Take care
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    Congrats! I know that's a stressful time putting things together like that. I find myself musing, whenever walking a friend's property, "hmmm, now where's the best place to push that berm up...?"

    Enjoy it! :supergrin:

    Now you need one of these. :clown: