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I keep missing the 1500. When the next one?

  1. I was in Premier Arms the other day (Thursday before 1500) and noticed Bryce was packing up a lot of stuff. I ask what's going on, and he says that the 1500 is that weekend... This makes the fifth one I've missed. I end up not being able to get off of work since I don't know when it is till the last minute:steamed: :crying: :freak: :impatient: :miff: :brickwall: The worst is when I hear the "Barney Fife" ad on the radio, while I'm driving into work, while the gunshow is going on... errr

    Also, how much to get inside? Parking price? Best day to go ? Secret information...;) ?
  2. Hmmmmm. Secret information . . . The next two shows are supposed to be in the Expo Hall. (The smaller building where the show always used to be held.)

    Probably common knowledge, but: Best selection = Friday. Best deals = Sunday.

    Smallest crowds: Saturday, 8 to 10 am; Sunday 9 to 11 am & 3 to 4 pm.