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I just ordered a Jar of Vegemite...

  1. ...and I am excited! My wife is vegetarian so she is gonna have a Vegemite Burger as soon as it gets here!
  2. I ate a veggie burger once at a restaurant-it was one ov the tastiest burgers I've ever had.
    Had a few since that were so so.
    I'd love a good veggie burger recipe-I'll have to do some searching later

    Oh forgot
    Tried Vegemite once-interesting stuff
  3. She'll be right - Mate! No Worries. :wavey:
  4. Did it come from a land down under?
  5. ...where men like to chunder? :supergrin:
  6. Yes. You want the link. 27 bucks for a jar with shipping. Expensive but it is a big jar. You spread it thin. Should prolly maker her about 100 burgers so it's worth it.
  7. That stuff is one of the most foul things I have ever tasted. Good luck to you.
  8. "Where women blow and men chunder". Aussies are good at replacing their popular songs' lyrics with "questionable" alternate versions (though funny :supergrin:). You should hear (in case you haven't) their "waltzing mathilda", alternate version. I loved that country. Not much gun-friendly, but a great place to live in all other senses.

    I couldn't stand vegemite, though. I had it a few times, trying to understand why they liked such a thing, unsuccessfully. I'm too much used to my mediterranean diet, I'm afraid.
  9. The local World Market has the authentic Aussie stuff. It's different. Not bad, but different. HH
  10. I didn't know they was anythang other than the real deal...lol...I'll stick to the real deal...
  11. There's a brand from Canada. HH
  12. I like Marmite better.
  13. We're good with the Vegemite...I can get Marmite from NZ from a place in Ohio...same place I get the Vegemite...just not sure if I'm ready for it. Vegemite works. Spread it thinly and it makes your lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, and onion taste like a burger. Toast the top bun and spread it thinly for best results. Mayo and Ketchup. Viola. Don't toast the top bun and it sorta tastes like roast beef.

    It sorta tastes like beef if you spread it thin. THIN IS IN with Vegemite. Been married to a Vegan for bit while now. I know what I am doing. Y'all should try it with a butter on toast...THIN IS IN! You will shoot your eye out if you spread it thick.
  14. Screw vegemite.

    My brother just sent me three jars of bacon jam.

    @Camu: Jungle Jims?