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I just moved to Jeffersonville.

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I recently moved to Jeffersonville from Louisville. I was wondering where the shooting ranges are in town. I have a 30.06 that I am haven't shot yet.It is my first large caliber rifle. I have a ruger 10/22 that I shot a few times, but other than that I have always fired hand guns. I haven't been to a range in more than a year and I am not a great shot (still have a bit of a flinch), but I do love to shoot. I also need to know where the best gun shops are in Jeffersonville. I have been to Kieslers and they seemed very helpful. Any opinions or thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
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clk; you can shoot for free at the Henryville / Clark State Forest 6 days a week. There are several gun clubs in the area you could join for a fee. Contact me & I'll get you in touch w/some of the clubs.
For a good guns store, try the 111 Gun Shop on Kopp Lane in Clarksville. ph no. is 282-AMMO. Lowest prices Anywere in the state.
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