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I just depleted the G19 pool

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By one.

Had a G22 I bought because 9mm were for girls back then. It got stolen and I moved on to other guns, a CZ, an XD, and a couple of PF9's.
Now I'm back on Glock and looking forward to it.

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You won't be disappointed. It's arguably the finest all around handgun on the market.

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Welcome from VA
Had a great time. Saw the sites in Richmond, Yorktown, Jamestown, Monticello, and too many other places to name. Beautiful state.

Now, who locktightened the slide stop lever pin while I was gone? I had a difficult time putting in the extended slide stop release a couple of weeks ago. Now I want to go back to stock and I have pounded on it as hard as I think is prudent.

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Next time you're in Richmond, try and make it to the VA Historical Society on Boulevard Ave. it's been under construction for about a year and a half and re-opening in October I believe.
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