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I haven't seen this in years

  1. I went to my local ammo supply store to check out the stock. I saw they had Federal 9mm 147 gr HST for $75.00!!! I thought that was way too high for 20 rounds. Then I pulled the box of the shelf and it was a 50 round box!!!! I haven't seen a 50 round box of self-defense ammunition for years! The salesman said he hadn't either. I bought the box because
    it came to about $37.50 for 25 rounds. I felt I had stepped back into time.
  2. Ouch. $1.50 per round.

    Two years ago or so I bought a box of 50 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124 gr. from SGammo among other groceries. I think it was like $24.00. At the time and for many months later until the C19 thing they always had 50 rd boxes of defense ammo from several different makers.

    You can still find it on auction sites albeit at very lofty prices. For a time yesterday Target Sports had 50 rd boxes of a premium Federal 147 gr. defensive load in 9mm . They wanted 1.00 per rd.
  3. Before Covid, they would be on sale for $20 a box.
  4. Hell, even a month ago that box was $39.99 at targetsportsUSA...But the shortage and prices seem to be getting worse quickly.
  5. Kind of an ouch but if you needed it, it was "readily available", why not?:laughing:
  6. Pardon our inside banter from us from another thread....The funny part is you not knowing the difference between the terms " available " and " affordable " . I would suggest that you look it up on Webster's but just as before you'd say that he was was wrong and you are right .
  7. ^^^This . Just before COVID I bought a 1k round case of 9mm HST in the 50 round boxes from Bonefrog Club for $385.00 shipped .
    That was 9 months ago .
  8. Semantics? :chatter:"COme on man", stop picking at this, your opinion, my opinion. I know if I cant afford something it is unavailable to me. I think most people would think that true?? But hey, stick to your Websters.

  9. A few months ago you could buy 50 round boxes of SD ammo on line all day long. I bought a few 50 round boxes of .40 and .45 HST at sgammo back in May.