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I have drank the blue kool aid. Now what?

  1. Well, after loading on a Hornady LNL AP for the last 5 years I decided to get a Dillon 650. I never had any major issues with the Hornady, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

    So what are the must have accessories? I bought the following:

    Strong mount
    Case feeder
    Roller handle

    What else is a must?

    I just got it yesterday and haven't had a chance to load on it yet. However, it sure is purdy!
  2. By your title I feared the worst however you were speaking of the other Blue,the best blue,Congrats. SJ 40
  3. Since you have the strong mount I would suggest the bullet tray and also the powder check, spare parts kit.
  4. Congrats. May you have as much luck with yours as I have with mine (which is a lot :) )
  5. Good luck!
  6. That light looks like an excellent addition Crockett - Easy to spot a double or short load of powder it seems.

    Nice find, thanks for sharing
  7. My top 4, in this order.
    powder check
    Thrust bearing
    Case collator
    GSI bullet feeder
  8. The light mentioned above is a must. Both of my presses have one and they are worth twice the price.
  9. I like this replacement knob for the Dillon powder measure.


    Taylor Tactical Supply Knob.png
  10. I have been eyeing both of these, but that uniquetek is steep $80!

    I might just go with one of the cheaper options first. I have the micro meters on my Hornady. I think they're about $30...

    I ordered the bullet tray and tool kit/holder from Dillon today.
  11. The Taylor Tactical knob is advertised on You Tube.

    I found I needed to use their slightly thicker replacement washer to make it function properly. Also, I had to use a pair of pliers to squeeze the locking key back in place. I used a piece of cloth to protect the key's surface from getting damaged. The You Tube video shows how to make the replacement. Unfortunately, you have to watch a short advertisement before viewing video.

  12. I just get extra powder bars and never adjust them. Set them once for the load I want, swap them out and confirm.

  13. I have drank the blue kool aid. Now what?

  14. Didn't realize you can do that. I actually have entire separate powder charges for my pet loads.
  15. Do a search on eBay for Dillon powder measure knob and you will see there are a lot of options. I can't bring myself to spend $80 on a knob that gets adjusted very seldomly. The pretty blue "press on" knobs work just fine and cost Around $3.00 each. I can afford to put one on every powder measure and keep a few spares in the parts department.

    By the way I have purchased two of the light kits you sell and they are outstanding. So bright I nearly have to wear sunglasses to reload.
  16. I actually prefer to leave the adjuster the way it is. That way it can't get inadvertently adjusted.

    I have an older powder measures that have the plastic wing nut on it. I use that for working up new loads.
  17. It’s even simpler if you are swapping out the small powder bars.
    Remove the plastic plug.
    Slide out the spacer bar.
    Left up on the powder bar till it clears the bellcrank cube and pull the bar out.
    Slide in the other powder bar. Being careful not to dislodge the cube.
    Replace the spacer bar and plastic plug.
    Add powder, verify the charge, start loading, fast, easy, simple.
  18. If it's a large bar you have to pull the bellcrank out so you can slide it out.
  19. That works too and will save you a minute or two, it's just not as cheap.
  20. The Taylor Tactical knob I described is about $10. Still, it's not practical for me to replace all seven I have.

  21. Some Home Depot stores sell plastic caps that fit over the adjustment bolts. I had one and lasted about a week when I accidentally moved the powder bar setting. I use a 7/16 nut driver when I need to adjust the powder bar settings.
  22. While you are going to spend big bucks on all that is recommended you might as well pick up a can of air so you can blow off all the powder spills that create a nightmare in the primer feed pockets.
  23. I plan to reduce that with the a lighter spring. I had the same issue with my LnL so, that is nothing new to me. You would think at least one of these manufactures would have addressed this problem by now.
  24. UB,

    Thanks for the info! I purchased 2 of the dent ball products. Though I'm not understanding the rotocam actuator, or the roller cam follower. Perhaps if I don't understand it, I probably have any need for it. Haha. Anyway, could you give me an idea of what they are? Thanks again, Steve
  25. all these years and I continue to learn something new!!! thanks!

    In addition to the light, I really appreciate having the bullet tray, tool set, and roller handle. I also did the bearing spring mod to reduce the jittery motion. You will love it!
  26. I went to my local bearing supply and picked up some thrust bearings and washers for my 650's. With no other modifications except the addition of oil, they are smooth and not snappy at all.

    This is the Timken part #

  27. If you are using a Strong Mount. I put a piece of dense foam. I think it was from a ¼” thick piece of fatigue mat about 5/16 wide and the length of the chute bin mount. Just slip the foam between the press frame and the chute, cuts down a lot of the noise of the finished round going down the chute.