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I have an itch for anoher S&W 3rd Gen or 2nd Gen gun....

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I've owned a 5906 and sold it. Great little pistol but someone made me an offer I could not refuse. From S&W I currently own a 4506-1, 4006TSW, 59, and a M&P 45 plus my revolvers. I know that CDNN is currently selling 5906s and 6909s for $299 a pop.

Here is my problem. Do I order the 5906 or the 6906? I only CCW service size firearms. I'm not a fan of medium and compact guns. I've owned a couple of gen 2 and gen 3 GLOCK 19s and 23s along with some other medium frame guns like a Kel-Tec P11 and a couple of others from Beretta, etc... they just don't fit my hand right.

Another problem is that my local gun shop has a S&W Model 459 for $350. With tax and background that comes out to $375. Is that a good price? I don't have a 2nd Gen gun in the stable and I would like to eventually get one to round out the evolution of the S&W series of wondernines. A Nickle 59, a 459, and a 5906.

So many choices and so little money.
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I like the 5906 better than the 6906 - to me it feels better balanced.
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