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I found a G19 today

  1. I bought a G23 last month thinking I could get LW 9mm conversion barrel. It appears though that the current "crisis" extends into every aspect including gun parts/accessory's. So then I find G19's are non existent. I'd just about given up on a G19 until this morning when I found the last one in stock at Cabelas down the road. It's a Gen4 but it came with 3-15rd mags.
  2. Congrats on the find. I did see some gen 3 G19s at cheaper than dirt for 659. Don't know if they are still there.

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  3. Yeah last Thursday a G19 Gen 4 showed up here at a LGS. They seem to be coming in here and there. I grabbed it in case to go with my other G19s. Congrats on your 19, as well as your 23. I hope things will calm down as production gets caught up. Ron

  4. So, did you buy it? If not, race back and get it.
  5. seems like a few are coming in but they are always snapped up fast. Get them while you can folks!
  6. Yes I bought it, $599 and $49 tax. I live down the street from this Cabelas. I stop there once a week to see the used guns. For the last six weeks I've avoided the place. The counter guy told me they're getting Glocks in in ones and twos. Their check out/pay for the gun, procedure is mind boggling. I won't start the procedure unless there's no one in line. If I see a gun and it's crowded I put it on a five day hold and come back at 9a.m next day when they open to buy it. Nobody was there at 9 a.m. today so I was out the door with the gun in 30 mins.
  7. That store is almost impossible to get out of. I bought a gun there once -- what a marathon!
  8. Congrats on the G19.
  9. Thanks, it's amazing. In the space of the last six weeks the 19 seems to be the most sought after handgun in the US.
  10. bignuglyone....Congrats to you.....Hope you can find some extra mags too......:supergrin:
  11. Cool! Congrats man.
  12. A Glock 19 is next on my list, if I can find a Gen1 :)