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I do like me some Craigslist

  1. For furniture, I mean.

    Hundred bucks. I believe it's teak, although it's mahogany colored. The delightful young lady I bought it from told me her parents brought it over from Pakistan. (yes, that wildly pink purse is mine.)


    $45. Mahogany cheval mirror.


    I have a dining set being delivered tomorrow - lighted china cabinet top/hutch bottom, dining table with leaf, four regular chairs, two captain chairs, all in cherrywood with walnut inlay, $800 for the whole shebang. It was $900 but she took off a hundred bucks because she liked me. I dunno, I'm a total introvert and people love me. IT'S NOT RIGHT Y'ALL. Only thing wrong with it is a bit of wear from the underside of the table edge on the arms of the captain's chairs, an Olde English stick should take care of it. Pic is at the seller's house, I am very excited to see it in the formal dining room, which is currently a room that is utterly empty but for a large rug on the floor and a chandelier. :ack:

  2. Nice score!
  3. Very nice furniture. Congratulations.
  4. I guess CL is a good place to get ripped off or for people to lie about their stuff. I've been pretty lucky so far. Scored a fantastic twin bed and nightstand for Oldest Dotta Wan that came with the mattress and box spring (still in plastic) for $150. It was from the 80s and solid wood.

    I keep waiting for my luck to run out. I do know to not buy things like couches and stuff, apparently they can have bugs or mice and such living in them. *shudder*
  5. The area you live in is the biggest factor on getting some nice scores.

  6. I do agree. I'm not heading into the DC area because I don't know it so well, sticking to NoVA. There's been some really nice stuff, some really overpriced stuff, and then some stuff like the hall tree that was easily worth 2-3x what I paid for it. She just wanted to get rid of it, she was moving. Same with the dining set, the lady had gotten divorced and moved to a condo and it was too big for her space. Then you see some stuff like $300 for a couch that looks like the dogs have been living on it and you gotta wonder, what were they thinking?
  7. Great stuff!
  8. When I lived in Pakistan you could take a picture of any item in any catalog to these furniture makers and they would duplicate it to perfection but in any wood you wanted with dovetailed drawers etc...

    You could literally fill a small house with Ethan Allen style handmade furniture for about $2k...
  9. Nice work.
  10. Looks very nice. As you suggested some upholstered furniture may be best to pass up.

  11. What's with the creepy pic in the middle of the teak desk thing????
  12. How does that mirro make your butt look?
  13. slightly more slender than two axe handles.
  14. That's my doppelgänger. We get along, for the most part.
  15. In loco...


    and yeah, yeah, it's since been centered under the chandelier thing.
  16. Very nice-o.
  17. I've always done best with mid-week daytime purchases from guys in their 20's or 30's who were obviously staying at mom and dad's house. I once got a nearly new, entry level hot tub (exact one I wanted) for $200. Once I got it loaded he wanted to give me my money back if I had whatever pills he was looking for.
  18. :rofl:

    I'm never sure if you are serious or joking, PB. Funny either way, but it's nice knowing. LOL
  19. That's a demon that was trapped in the mirror by John Constantine. It's why the desk was so cheap. Don't tell GKL......:rofl:

  20. I like the table and the rug. That chandelier has to go, however.
  21. Hell with that, I ain't giving my pills to NO ONE.
  22. Much as I bristle at being criticized, I utterly agree with you. Once I buy the house, 80s Era Chandelier is going buhbye.
  23. "We've got a whole THEME PARK of rare delights for you, John!"
  24. I've since decided that piece is teak but color matches my other stuff, so...
  25. That was not meant to be a criticism of you. I know you all recently moved, and judging by the age of that light fixture, it obviously came with the house.
  26. I can't imagine what they were thinking, not replacing it. The one over the kitchen table is perfectly suited for the current times, this crystal...thing...is just...no.
  27. We had a mirror exactly like that, but the wife sold it at a garage sale. I'm not sure why she didn't like it, I thought it worked great.