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I didn't know there was an arrow in the FedEx logo

  1. Right there between the E and the X.
    Just goes to show how you can miss a detail on something you see every day.
    Now I can't look at the logo and not see it.

  2. There is also a devils face in the logo.
  3. Where?
  4. Please elaborate.
  5. Huh. I hadn't ever noticed the arrow either.
  6. Thats why some firms pay big money in branding design.
  7. Well I'll be damned. I still do not see "the devil" though.
  8. This is one of my favorite logos with a "hidden" logo. It was actually mentioned in the web site listed above.

    How many times and ways can you read "sun" on the logo?


  9. And, if you hold it up to a mirror and read it backwards, it says, " The walrus is Paul..."

  10. Yeah, that old debel. Gets around doesn't he?

  11. Ha. Got ya.:rofl:
  12. I just realized there's a gun at the top of every page on GlockTalk. :headscratch:
  13. I first learned that in Desktop Publishing in high school.
  14. Just don't mention it to fedex workers. When you see a guy with a delivery truck, believe me, he knows about it. They get worn out hearing about it.
  15. So if we're supposed to look into the FedEx logo for hidden sybols, what the hell is in the lower half of the e?

    Is that a measuring spoon???
  16. I have always seen the arrow, the one that got me was the goodwill sign, I always thought it was a G but I guess it doubles as a half smile face...thats all I see now.

  17. The upper half of the e is a sunrise.

    And inside the d is an egg. Go figure.
  18. Is that supposed to be subliminal?

  19. Yeah. The sunrise, measuring spoon, egg, and arrow are meant to remind you to have breakfast before you go to work in the morning.
  20. No, no, no... the arrow is pointing you towards the toilet to remind you to do your daily duties after eating breakfast and before going to work.
  21. But what about the tuning fork in the capital E? Is that to encourage you to expand your cultural horizons by learning to play a musical instrument?

    Or maybe they're trying to say have fun riding your Yamaha to work.

  22. I thought that was a female anatomy part...
  23. Yamaha made its bones as a piano manufacturer.
  24. I think the four points in the x all coming together in the center are telling you that your boss has got you between a rock and a hard place and you're on the verge of losing your job.

    And the captial F means you're...

  25. I know.
  26. They've got cultural horizons pretty well covered with the pyramids in the X. Clearly, they are recommending that discerning yuppies visit the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Man, I had no idea that FedEx was such a culturally diverse company. :wow:
  27. .....
  28. :rofl: :rofl:

    Well now every time I see a Fedex employee I'm going to say "hey you know there's a hidden picture in your logo?" and after they roll their eyes and say "yes yes.. we know... an... arrow" I'm going to be like "oh.... I was going to say a measuring spoon.. but the arrows kinda neat too, I guess.."
  29. I think we've got FedEx figured out. I'm gonna start analyzing that Hooters logo...
  30. I'm 43 years old, and been a hunter since I was old enough to hold a long gun steady. Imagine how stupid I felt when last summer I was staring at a Browning logo on the back glass of a pickup at a traffic light, when I realized that inside of the buck's head was a doe's head. :brickwall:

  31. methinks it's a bass.
  32. Mulva??? :rofl::rofl:

    Clearly, it means FedEx is a white supremacist group. Arrow-an nation, anyone???

    I guess I'll be using UPS from now on. :steamed:
  33. Both of my parents are retired FedEx Memphis employees. When the logo changed, my mom was still working there and they had an "unveiling" ceremony. The arrow was pointed out to them during that (in case anyone missed it).
  34. Cause UPS supports the Browns?:rofl:
  35. Clearly, any situation can find its way back to a Seinfeld reference. ;)