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I can't believe this but...

  1. I can't believe this but...

    I'm actually not going to buy the G33 this weekend. :)
    haha. I had fully planned on it, but some other expenses came in, and I figured out a way to talk myself OUT of buying it. This is a new experience for me. I loooooooove my G32. (and my 27,19,26), but my 32 is my favorite.
    Now I have another holster and have found that carrying the 32/19 isn't really that much more trouble than the 26/27/33, so I'm going to hold off on the 33 now.

    What is going on here??

    Just thought I'd share. This is sort of the anti-typical post on here.
    I've definitely got the bug since I've bought the 19,26,27,32 (in that order) since last October, but I'm fighting it off this month!
  2. I feel your pain...I think they call it life.
  3. Nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, it's a wise decision, IMO. A new holster always seems to make me re-think the extra expense of a new gun. Especially if it is more comfortable/concealable that the last holster, which may have made me think it was the gun's fault in the first place.
  4. Hey, don't feel alone. It's just a gun, you know.

    I have the opportunity to pick up a couple of S&W's at what basically amounts to distributor pricing ... and I find I'm just not getting terribly enthused about picking something out and ordering it.

    I've been talking about picking up another J-frame - (that new 640 with night sights and apparently no ILS seems like a nice choice, or a 42 Airweight ... but I already have 5 J-frames) - and then I've also been thinking that I'd like to add a M&P 45c to complement my M&P 45FS since I like it so well.

    I just can't find myself able to work up the level of enthusiasm needed to complete the orders. :wow:

    Hey, maybe later. The armorer discount forms are good for a year. ;)

    FWIW, I've actually been thinking that maybe I've finally reached the point where I've got too many guns to even remotely make practical use of all of them. :faint:

    I can always use the money elsewhere, I suppose.

    A box of good cigars can cost anywhere from $150 - $400, you know.

    A very good bottle of Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Bourbon and some wines & ports can nibble up extra money, too.

    Gotta establish priorities. :)
  5. You could always just buy a 357 barrel for the G27.:whistling:
  6. Wow! The rarely talked about "reverse"...NOT buying a Glock is rarely mentioned on GT, but something we've all gone through at some point after grabbing one or more when the bug hit!

    Taking a breath in purchasing 4 or more in a year is sometimes needed!
  7. That is definitely a consideration. I don't think I would EDC that way, but it would definitely allow me to determine whether or not I'd for sure want the 33.

    In the back of my head is this voice making me consider some revolvers and maybe even, dare I say it, Sigs for the next purchase. :faint:
  8. I've been hearing a similar voice...no Sigs, but looking at some nice revolvers and 1911s in earnest the last few weeks with some extra $$...keep starting at the Glock cases and ending up at the 1911 case! Nothing added recently...
  9. Yeah, that 1911 voice is there for me too. However, when I start pricing them, the AR voice gets louder. :)
  10. Been there and done that , then i got resourceful and found that 10 cent bottle return, copper scrap and loose change can add up nicely without Witchy Poo knowing . Sperm and Blood donation is also quit profitable. Where there's a will there's a way ! :cool:
  11. Whatever holster you use for the G26 and G27 will also work for the G33. :wavey:
  12. G33 is an awesome pistol! I love mine and have all varieties of Glocks. When you can, get one!
  13. Oh. I know. That is a driving force for wanting the 33. I carry my 26/27 in a MTAC and love it. Then I got another MTAC for my 19 & 32 and find that carrying my 19/32 is not much different than the subcompacts. I'll be carrying my 32 a lot now, reducing my desire for a 33. I'll still get one, but just not as quickly as I planned. I love the 357SIG caliber and can easily carry it without having to buy a 33 now.
  14. I love the round as well, unfortunately it's even an expensive round to reload.
  15. That's what I hear. I don't reload, but wish it was easier for the reloaders to do .357SIG thus alleviating some of the demand for the factory stuff... Not much I know, but any bit helps!
  16. :faint:
  17. I feel you pain. Am trying to work myself up to buy a G30 but can't seem to get that excited about it. Also wanting to buy a good over/under shotgun but again not feeling the love. Maybe we have the mid-winter blues.
  18. When people on Glocktalk start talking about not buying a new gun and justifying that decision with things like "priorities"........well, you just know that the economy is in big trouble.:wow:
  19. Wow! I sure didnt expect a "I Didnt Buy A Glock" Thread in GG..
  20. Hehe. To be technical, this is a "I'm not going to buy a Glock," thread. It's a "I'm not going to buy a Glock this weekend, even though I've bought a Glock every month for the last four months, but I'm sure I'll buy this Glock later."

  21. Why not? It isn't like the .40 to 9mm conversion deal, where you are dealing with a smaller casehead. If you get an actual Glock barrel, I think you might be good to go. :cool:
  22. Yeah. You're probably right, but I'm just anal-retentive and for something my life may depend on I'm not comfortable using it any other way.
  23. :supergrin:


    Part of it is that I have enough handguns to carry a different one each day and not carry the same one twice in any given month.

    Besides, my cigar and motorcycle hobbies really started to eclipse my interest in collecting firearms at the same rate. (I'm also pretty much out of room in my safe and am planning to get another one once we finally move out of state.)

    I remember when my wife commented to me one day that I used to spend less money each month when I was buying guns all the time than when I started buying cigars and spending time at some of the cigar clubs. :whistling:

    I think it was the first month she realized I'd spent over $700 on cigars and the related accessories just in that single month, but was spending at least $200-$300 per month regularly.

    I took the hint and eased back a bit on the cigars and went back to buying guns for a while.