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I Bought Another Gen4 Glock...G27

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I decided to get a new Gen4 G27 today since I have a Gen4 19, 26 and 23. It just made sense to get the .40 sub compact. It has the "dot" connector and has a good trigger feel to it. Test fire date 4-7-11.

Did a quick field strip, added a little oil and I'm gonna take it to the range today. :supergrin: :wavey:
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I like your logic...

I have Gen 3 19, 26 and 23, looking for a Gen 3 27 :D

Have Fun
Results from the range...120 rounds WWB 180gr and 15 rounds of Golden Saber JHP 180gr with NO malfunctions of any kind and NO eratic ejections.

Put 30 rounds WWB 180gr thru my Gen4 23 and I was much more accurate with it than with the 27, but I've got over 1600 rounds with the 23 and a LWD 3.5 connector. :dunno: I'll have to put some more time in with the 27 and get more used to it so I can get my accuracy equal to the 23.

Bottom line, the new Gen4 G27 is a great performed flawlessly the first time out at the range and it will definately be in rotation for CC. :wavey:

BTW, I think my Gen4 G26 is a bit jealous...:whistling:
I am using my GSSF prize certificate to acquire a 4th Gen 27 to go with my 4th gen 22 and 4th gen 17.
Congrats on the G27!
Congrats on the purchase. I have had NO problems with mine, its an early June 2011 test fire.
Weird saying this but its nice to hear a good report on a glock that functioned properly from the factory.
Congrats, I love that 27.
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