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    Apr 25, 2004
    About 4 months ago I decided on replacing the sound system in my bedroom. Previously I have had a make-shift surround sound system made out of four huge fisher speakers, that put out hardly any sound. Also included in my system was four computer speakers set up quadririphonic style. The powerhouse was a 20+ year old 8 track player.

    I resarched affordable (<110$) dvd/surround sound stereos on the web. I originally wanted a system with a radio, but could not find any withen my budget. Unfortunately, I found the best place to buy stereos of my specification was walmart...

    I found a ge system that seemed pretty nice. $88. It had th standard 5 speakers and subwoofer. I bought it took it home, not expecting it to be anything special, and set it up. It had not said this on the box, but it had 2 auxilary inputs, so I could attatch my t.v. and p.c. to it.