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I am here

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Hi, y'all,
I have just joined this forum. It looks cool. But let me introduce myself.
I was born and raised in Italy and immigrated (LEGALLY) to the U.S. in 1975. I have been all over the place: Italy, Austria, Germany, California(1 1/2 years), Montana (7 years), Alaska (29 years), and now I live in rural Alabama, and I love it. I am a gun nut and a hunting maniac. Strangely though, for someone who joined this forum, I own lots of firearms but no Glocks. Colts, Rugers, S&W's, Berettas--you name it. Shotguns, rifles, revolvers, auto pistols... This may make someone here twist his mouth sardonically, but for self-defense I carry a 1911, either a Colt Combat Elite or a Kimber Royal II. My wife carries in her purse a Sig P250 and (in a bra holster) a Ruger LCP9s, both pistols in 9 Parabellum. Here in Alabama I have a nice little spread around the house, where I have a few chickens and a horse, and another piece of land at about two miles from the house where I hunt. I hunt for doves, turkeys, whitetails, coyotes, and crows. I do a little trapping close to the house to eliminate raccoons and opossums that threaten my chickens (I lost some last year, none this year.) This hunting season I shot three deer and quit or I would have had to buy a third freezer.
I am a retired high school teacher and my wife is a retired music teacher. Our daughter lives in Phoenix with her husband and our three-year-old granddaughter. I am looking forward to share my views (I have opinions on lots of things) with you, but mostly I am eager to learn new tricks (even though I AM an old dog) from those who know more than I do (which is very little) about guns and other subjects. I landed here by chance. I found a discussion on hunting robins. I found it interesting and I joined the forum. Then I realized that there are lots of things to read here, and I'll be quiet while I learn to find my way here and the subjects that interest me and that I can discuss pretending that I know something about them.
Thank you,
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Welcome aboard Herman from Texas!

And BTW...Thank you for doing "it" (immigration) the right way.
I would never have wanted to start my new life by committing an illegal action. Those who do evince an attitude toward the law which should absolutely preclude their eligibility for citizenship. As to their children, is a child allowed to keep a home his/her parents have obtained through theft or subterfuge?
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