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I am here

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Hi, y'all,
I have just joined this forum. It looks cool. But let me introduce myself.
I was born and raised in Italy and immigrated (LEGALLY) to the U.S. in 1975. I have been all over the place: Italy, Austria, Germany, California(1 1/2 years), Montana (7 years), Alaska (29 years), and now I live in rural Alabama, and I love it. I am a gun nut and a hunting maniac. Strangely though, for someone who joined this forum, I own lots of firearms but no Glocks. Colts, Rugers, S&W's, Berettas--you name it. Shotguns, rifles, revolvers, auto pistols... This may make someone here twist his mouth sardonically, but for self-defense I carry a 1911, either a Colt Combat Elite or a Kimber Royal II. My wife carries in her purse a Sig P250 and (in a bra holster) a Ruger LCP9s, both pistols in 9 Parabellum. Here in Alabama I have a nice little spread around the house, where I have a few chickens and a horse, and another piece of land at about two miles from the house where I hunt. I hunt for doves, turkeys, whitetails, coyotes, and crows. I do a little trapping close to the house to eliminate raccoons and opossums that threaten my chickens (I lost some last year, none this year.) This hunting season I shot three deer and quit or I would have had to buy a third freezer.
I am a retired high school teacher and my wife is a retired music teacher. Our daughter lives in Phoenix with her husband and our three-year-old granddaughter. I am looking forward to share my views (I have opinions on lots of things) with you, but mostly I am eager to learn new tricks (even though I AM an old dog) from those who know more than I do (which is very little) about guns and other subjects. I landed here by chance. I found a discussion on hunting robins. I found it interesting and I joined the forum. Then I realized that there are lots of things to read here, and I'll be quiet while I learn to find my way here and the subjects that interest me and that I can discuss pretending that I know something about them.
Thank you,
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