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I am blocked from Minneapolis city sites

  1. After the paint projectile into private residences I emailed the contact email.
    That it should never happen to citizens on their own property. That I could understand the residents might think they were being shot (with real bullets). A order to fire, muzzle flashes, impacts...Such force needed to be used on rioters, looters.
    I wanted to send email disbanding the Police is stupid, knee jerk that will cause harm. But deserting opinions are not welcome.
  2. I’m driving to S.D. next week. Last year we went through Minneapolis, not this year. I never liked the way the freeway split up too. I’ll go through Sioux Falls then head North.
  3. Welcome to dealing with Socialists who are in power. You are a subject, not a Citizen.
  4. Post your message here, we can correct your spelling and grammar for you.

    Then you put it in an envelope, with a stamp (remember those) and send it to
    350 S 5th St, Minneapolis, US 55415-1316

    It will more than likely get ignored, but if you include some baking soda in the envelope it's much more likely they will get back to you (whether you included your return address or not).

    I'm glad i could help you.
  5. Uhh Larry, did you tell them your handle name?
    Excuse me, you knuckleheads work for us!
  6. Well I don’t live near the twin cities. So I am not able to vote against.
    Most here should realize I don’t post violent, racist, threats... maybe a bit sarcastic. But have I posted anything people should get excited about? I have posted pics, comments a bit risqué. And apologized when called on it. Just funny to be blocked.
  7. Welcome to the club. Glock Talk is the only site I'm NOT blocked from. :cheers:

  8. I have read your stuff for years and find you funny. They should listen to all residents as affects everyone.
    God bless you bud!
  9. Try harder......:p
  10. I've been given a good tounge lashing from Glock Talk and a warning but I'm still here.
  11. Is there some other parts to this thread that i missed? OP speaks of "the paint projectile into private residences" and your talking of "tounge lashing", so i have to believe this is some sort of organized crime. Possibly ROLLO act material? I'm just trying to assist OP.
  12. Let them devolve into the tribal gangs that it will become, escape from NY, mad max, Idiocracy. all rolled into one, Eff'em.
  13. About two weeks ago during a riot in Murderapolis MN. Some people were filming a Hummer, some riot Police? NG? Types walking down (what appeared to be a quiet, residential neighborhood. Zero yelling, threats... UNTIL some of the NG/Police started ordering people off from the porch of a house set back from street. Not a ask, orders. Zero warning of consequences. A order of “light emmUP” IIRC was given. Weapons were fired at those quietly watching troops and equipment parade down their neighborhood.
    I recall muzzle flashes, projectiles hitting the house, those watching guiltily. I though it was real, live ammo at first.
    It was some type of paint projectile. Possibly simulations ??
    All of which are very dangerous if you get hit in face.
    I objected to that action. I remarked (after a warning) it SHOULD have been used on looters, arson, vandals...
    That I would not be very happy if fired upon by PD/ NG for recording them on public road from my deck.
    This policy concerns me more then ONE Former Officer who was stupid, accidentally caused the death. My understanding is the policy was changed. But under ROE it seemed allowed.

    Anyone have info of outcome? Lawsuit?
  14. I'd give them a pass. All of the people pepperballed were dressed in Antifa Black.
  15. So it’s ok if they are dressed different? Are someone you disagree with?
    But rioters, looters are avoided?
  16. Rioters and looters are now a protected class. Get use to it.
  17. So you got a warning from GlockTalk? I think calling for violence against anyone will get you in trouble with most forums.

    The video speaks for itself anyway: https://twitter.com/i/status/1266921821653385225
  18. Thanks that’s the clip. Not from GT but city.

    Calling for violence? Where did I call for violence?
    Only thing I recall is that if such force was used. It should be used on rioters, looters, arsonists... I included “after a warning”

    Less lethal used on criminals during commission of a crime. Is not same as residents, quietly filming on their own property.
    Thank you for the link. Any update on it?
  19. And the city of Minneapolis and the boy mayor is all like, "LA,LA,LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"

  20. I remember seeing the video clip. The police gave a number of verbal commands for folks to get inside as it was after the set curfew time. Then they shot pepper balls at folks on their front porches. From what I remember that incident came as a result of a the idiotic city council (you know, the defund the police guys) posting an FAQ stating that being outside on your property aka front porch... was ok, while the PD was told otherwise.

    Leftist leadership at its best. They have the balls to send cops into neighborhoods where no protests are going on, but leave rioters to do their thing.
  21. They gave orders. Demands like I would expect in other countries. On private property. Zero warning you would be fired upon by less-LETHAL. Hint it used to be called “non-lethal” but people died, suffered lifelong disabilities. It is NOT to be used in this manner. At absolute minimum (ignoring private property) a warning of action. “If you do not immediately go into your home we will use mace, taser, chemical, paint projectiles .. that will hurt. Fire in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ...”.
    I blame city council, mayor...and part resident of White House. They caused this even more then the Officer who “took a knee”
  22. And some people wonder why the cops have an increasingly bad image.
  23. To be fair. There is questions as to who gave order, opened fire. Some claim it was NG personal. Who had been given clear ROE. To effect that everyone had to be inside, that less lethal was to be used on anyone not going inside...
    Imo a unlawful order. Which I understand was changed....
  24. I'm confused.

    Yes, I know about the incident relating to "light em' up" that @jeepdawg included a video link to.

    And yes, I understand the OP thinks this was not appropriate.

    But is that it? The title takes about being blocked from, I assume, (web)sites? Or the OP is prohibited from visiting Loring Park?
  25. And exempt from COVID executive orders.
  26. I tried to send a follow up email. I am blocked from doing so. I did not threaten violence. (Unless suggesting after warning Them the troops should have gone after peaceful rioters, looters, arsonists) In this manner.
  27. Give it time. :rolleyes:
  28. It's a Better route anyway.
  29. Perhaps their mailbox is just full? Or they created an "out of office" reply because they are not responding to everyone right now?

    Usually when an e-mail address is blocked (i.e. identified as SPAM), the sender has no idea their message was sent directly to the junk mail folder.

    One way to test this is to send them a message from a different e-mail address (create a new gmail address or outlook.com address).
  30. I got a notice. “You are blocked” big red X. I know they don’t care about my responses.. it’s no big deal. Just rather funny.
  31. My apologies - i did not mean to say that i think you called for violence. That was the only thing i knew of that will get you banned from most forums (along with posting titties).
  32. The video is also at
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBsrBGc18-Y

    The comments there are quite interesting. And predictable.

    This is one of the better ones:
    Commander Kyro1 week ago
    This was part of a SUBURB wide operation in which multiple police units were dispatched to circle and eliminate possible threats, as multiple rioters and protesters had fled into the suburbs after committing the following crimes; Larceny, Theft, and Vandalism... The Officers were telling EVERYONE to get off of the streets, to get in their houses, and to stay there... The people in the video got what they deserved... Why? They didn't listen to a simple command... You have windows, you don't have to ****ing stand on your porch and record like a ditsy dumbass teenager... LEARN TO FOLLOW ORDERS, AND MAYBE NEXT TIME, YOU WONT GET PWNED BY THE COPS.
  33. WERD...if that were my neighborhood, I'd be inside...with a loaded shotgun.